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Review: The Falsies Mascara (Maybelline New York)

October 10, 2012

Let me show you my thoughts on a mascara that has a way too long name: The Falsies Black Drama Mascara by Maybelline New York. Phew!

This mascara retails at my drugstore for €15,24. In my opinion, that isn’t very cheap. I’ve seen great mascara’s for one fifth of that price… But I do believe that a mascara can be worth this amount of money, as long as it builds my lashes amazingly (without adding clumps to them) and its staying power is unusually high. Does this mascara live up to my expectations? We’ll see!

Maybe you’ve already noticed on the picture above: this is one fat mascara. Thick tube, thick brush. A kink (is that the right word?) in the handle allows the brush to move a little bit, which unfortunately doesn’t make any difference while applying. But that doesn’t make the effect any less terrific! After two layers, my lashes are long, thick and very black.

Fullface taken directly after application.

However, there are a few disadvantages about this mascara. To start off: it clumps like crazy! I dare you to apply a third coat (even better: don’t wait for the previous coat to dry fully) without ending up with clumps on your lashes. It will make one hell of a mess. But as long as you’re careful while coating your lashes, it’s possible to keep it clean.

A few hours after applying the mascara.

The other downside is The Falsies’ staying power. Because the formulation is so pigmented, it smudges easily during the day, and I suspect water woudn’t do it any good at all.

To wrap things up: this mascara gives you long, black, voluminous lashes. But be carefull while applying it: you might end up with spider lashes.  Given the  price, the staying power and the dramatic effect, I think of this mascara more as something for short, special occasions (like a party or a photo shoot) than for everyday wear.


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