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Quick Tip: Eyeliner Stain

October 14, 2012

Yesterday, a make up artist performed an awesome trick on my mother using liquid eyeliner. A trick that’s worth explaining to you, so listen up!

I rarely wear liquid eyeliner (makes my eyes look awfully round). When I do wear it, I take it off in the evening – of course I do. But no matter how carefully I remove it, the next day I always wake up with a very thin black stain just above my lash line, barely noticeable. Maybe you’ve experienced this, too..?

How stupid of me to never think of using this eyeliner stain for my advantage! Because this thin line defines and enlarges your eyes in a beautiful, natural way. The make up artist achieved such a line by applying a thick messy line above the lashes, and then removing it once it had fully dried.

I recreated this today, take a look at the process:

  1. Start off with a naked eye.
  2. Apply a thick line of liquid black (or brown if you really want to keep it natural) eyeliner, make sure to get it not only above but also between your lashes. I used an eyeliner by New York Color, but any brand will do.
  3. Allow the liner to dry completely.
  4. Remove the eyeliner, using a Q-tip drenched in make up remover.

This is what you’ll be left with:

Do you see the thin black line? Maybe the difference isn’t very shocking in my case, because my lash line is pretty dark from itself. But it does make a great difference when you have blonde lashes :)

You can leave it like that, maybe add some mascara or even a bit of eyeshadow.
I hope you learned equally as much as I did yesterday!


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