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Review: Dempsey’s Scar Wax + Stage Blood

October 19, 2012

When a little package arrived for me a few days ago, I was so excited! Click more to find out whether my excitement was caused by the content of the package or by the fact that I simply always get way to excited whenever I get mail (which is a bit pathetic, I guess)…

The package came from this webshop, where I ordered the Dempsey’s Maxi Scar Wax Kit: 30ml of Scar Wax, 30mls of  Stage Blood and a 2ml syringe.

It costed me £5.83 + forwarding-charges = £10.83

This scar wax is made from beeswax and grape + castor seed oil. All natural! It’s hard in the container, but once scraped off it becomes a smooth, lipbalm-like texture.  See below how I created my first fake cut ever, using a black eyeshadow, this scar wax, fake blood and this video.

Considering this was my very first time using the scar wax, I think it’s a pretty damn good cut! The wax is very easy to work with, just a bit sticky – my fingers and therefore my camera got stickyness al over it…

Then on to the stage blood! To prove how awesome this blood is, let me make a comparison…

On the left of my hand I placed a drop of Dempsey’s stage blood (using the syringe that came with it – love it!), next to it is another kind of fake blood I bought a while ago in Holland. See how my old fake blood looks terribly fake next to the one from Dempsey? Dempsey’s stage blood has exactly the right colour and thickness! Another thing that must be said is that Dempsey’s blood is totally safe to use in your mouth… can you imagine the cool effect of vomiting a mouthful of this blood??

I played some more with my new products and I created this bullethole:

I must say I”m not completely satisfied by the result, it just doesn’t look as realistic as I had hoped. But I’ll just keep on experimenting with this stuff – practice makes perfect!


To wrap things up: I’m very happy with these products, and I recommend them to everyone who is getting into special effects make up. Expect at least one Halloween tutorial featuring the stage blood and scar wax in the near future!




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