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Review: L’Orèal Paris Shine Caresse

October 24, 2012

Today I’m reviewing two lip products from L’Orèal Paris. Lipstains or lipglosses? Click more and find out!

L’Orèal Paris Shine Caresse: strange products, if you ask me. At first sight, they look like lipglosses, but a few moments after application one of them strongly reminds me of a lipstain. Which is fine, of course, if it works for me. Let’s see if it does!

First things first: I hate the cheap looking packaging! Each of them costs 15 Euro (at least in my local drugstore, they’re probably less expensive in the US), for that amount of money I would expect something else than a plastic fake-golden tube.

The applicator, however, is HEAVENLY. The soft sponge had exactly the right shape and size (although I could imagine it being too big for smaller lips than mine). Don’t know why but I like the hole in the middle of the applicator very much, too!

My lips with nothing on them.

Firstly, I tried out the pink one (#102 Romy).

Just after popping on the product, I took the upper picture of the two above. It looks like I’ve just applied a very pigmented lipgloss, because there is not only colour but also shine added to your lips. After half an hour (the  second picture) the beautiful shine vanished, though… There’s only a pink wash of colour left on my lips (but it does make a difference compared to my ‘naked’ lips, luckily).

So I guess this product is more similar to a lipstain than a lipgloss. But the second one….

This is #200 Princess, a very popular shade according to the saleslady. I like it! To me it looks like an almost-red-but-not-quite-red lip, which can be classy & dressy as well as casual & fun.

In contrast with the pink shade, this one keeps shining. Due to this shine combined with the lasting power of the colour, I would call this product a gloss as well as a stain.

Left: #102 Romy – Right: #200 Princess

I definately can see myself using these products a lot this fall. These are two lovely colours, easy to put on and nicely feeling on my lips. It’s a bit strange that they float between lipglosses and lipstains, but that’s okay :)




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