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Reviews: High End make up

November 1, 2012


Make up: the more expensive, the better.


I don’t think so!

No doubt I’m not the only one who sometimes looks at  the prices of products from Chanel, Lancôme or Dior and thinks:  this is ridiculous. I mean, how can a product be that good to be worth this amount of money?

My theory: a 30 dollar foundation is probably better than one that costs 5 dollar – the expensive one is NOT 6 times better though! When buying high end make up you pay partly for the quality, and partly for the fancy brand.

I’ve tried three high end products for you to see if they’re really worth the money.

I didn’t buy this Dior Moisture Cream myself, so I don’t know the exact price. Similar Dior moisturisers cost around 80 bucks, some even more!

Given the price, this stuff better be magical…

Left: before, right: after

This cream makes my face a bit shinier, other than that I don’t notice any differences. But far more important is the question if this makes my skin healthy and moisturised, and if it’s a good base for other make up. The answer is two times yes! Since I started using this cream my skin is in a good condition, and whenever I stop using it for a week or so, my skin starts complaining. My make up glides on smoothly because of this cream, and it stays in place throughout the day.

But for me, $60 crosses the line. I don’t care if it’s a great product, for that amount of money I can get myself a new phone!

In Holland, this Lancôme Teint Idole foundation sells for €45,26 (at Ici Paris XL). Let’s see…

It has a great consistency, not too fluid, not too thick.

Left: before, right: after

Can you see the difference? I sure can! This is a great foundation that makes my face look flawless and less shiny, while still looking natural and giving a subtle glow. Although the 24H claim on the packaging is a bit over-estimated (but that’s okay – I mean, who wears their foundation for that long?), it does stay in place very well.

€45,26 is very expensive, though. But it’s prettyyy…

The last product is this bronzer (Sun Disk) by Sephora, which costs €22,00. Not as ridiculously expensive as the two previous products, so maybe this will be worth the money? I like the sleek packaging with the huge mirror!

When I bought this bronzer during the sale (3 Sephora products for €10), I wasn’t allowed to open the packaging, so the exact colour was a surprise for me. I hoped for a matte, a bit cool toned bronzer so I could have used it for contouring. Instead, I ended up with this ugly, orange looking colour, containing tiny glitters and therefore being useless for contouring.

Left: before, right: after

So I just swiped it over my face to achieve a glowing, tanned look. Unfortunately, this doesn’t make any difference (the photos may be a little bit different from each other but that’s because of the light changing).

In my opinion, this product is a waste of €22. Luckily I bought it for far less…

In brief

  • My skin loves the moisturiser (Dior) but it’s just too expensive for me.
  • The foundation (Lancôme) is a bit pricy but a lot awesome!
  • I don’t like the orange-looking bronzer (Sephora), definately not worth the money.



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