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In The Spotlight: my four favorite series!

November 18, 2012


What do I do when I’m not busy with make-up, school, guitar, sports or friends? (woah I suddenly realise I have a pretty busy life :P)

I’m watching series, of course! There are a few series that I’m totally addicted to, a few series that deserve a place in the spotlight…



Let’s start with the my favourite series: The Vampire Diaries! I’ve been watching this show for quite a while now, I think I’ve seen every episode three times. I do think season four is getting a bit dull, but I still like watching it every Friday.

I especially love Caroline, I like her being all girly but tough at the same time. Plus, look at her make up! Lexi is awesome, too :)

When my sister told me about Once Upon a Time, a show in which fairytale characters are coming to the real world, I firstly wasn’t appealed to the show. How stupid of me, because when I did start watching it I LOVED it!

Within a week I’ve almost gone through season one, sometimes I watch three episodes a day… My favourite character is Snow White, she’s so lovely and pretty :)

The next show I want to mention is Pretty Little Liars. I’m still patiently (well, patiently…) waiting for the season 4 premiere, I hope it will finally reveal who A is! I like the tension of the show, the sense of humour, the romance, but especially……..

Aria and Ezra! They are so perfect together, they are just made for each other! I adore Aria’s personality and her edgy clothing style. And Ezra is just hot.

Last but certainly not least is Grey’s Anatomy, I hope to begin next year with studying Medicine and this show makes me want to be a doctor even more!

Christina Yang is sooo funny, Derek Shepherd is sooo handsome – but if I had to choose one character I like most, it would be Lexie Grey. I don’t know why, I just love her!


Though I personally love watching these four series, I wouldn’t recommend them to everyone. They are all very different, so let me make an overview:

  • The Vampire Diaries is great if you like your classic vampire love story, if you want a show that’s super romantic yet scary now and then. Skip this if you don’t like Twilight (why wouldn’t you like Twilight?!)! Oh and also, the storyline in this show isn’t fantastic, especially after a few seasons.
  • You will most certainly love Once Upon a Time if you dig fairy tales (like my friend Merle). Some people may find this show a bit childish because of the fairy tale characters coming to live, but that does provide a lovely story, and lovely costumes! It’s very, very romantic – me liky :)
  • I think nearly everyone will love the first season of Pretty Little Liars, it’s just so thrilling you don’t know who A is! But after two more seasons, they still don’t tell you who A is, which gets annoying, believe me… For me it still is fun to watch, though, because of the romance (the romance between Aria and Ezra in particular). It’s a really girly show with a hint of tension, not everyone’s cup of tea, I guess…
  • Do you like series that take place in a hospital? (I do!) Then you should definitely watch Grey’s Anatomy! It’s a combination between the whole ‘everyone is in love with everyone’-idea and the doctors heroically saving patients. After eight seasons, it is a bit soap opera-ish, but that’s okay for me.

Now go watch at least one of these shows! :)




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