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OOTD: Themed party…

November 21, 2012

Oh my! I just realised I have some pictures on my computer that I really want to show you. A few weeks ago, I threw a costume party at my house. You may already have guessed the theme… Curious whether you’re right or not? Click Read more!

The theme of my party was Halloween, of course! I forced everyone to dress up as something scary, and for me it was the perfect opportunity to go crazy with make up :)

I transformed myself into an evil doctor/nurse.

Thanks to my friend Merle who fixed a coat for me :) It was so much fun to apply the fake blood all over my clothes and arms!

With a little bit (or a lot) of make up I made my boyfriend Tim look like a vampire. He scares the shit out of me on this picture!

… but on this one he isn’t that scary :P Such a cute little vampire!

My nails defy gravity :D

My sister wanted to be Red Riding Hood – I guess it’s because of her Once Upon A Time addiction…

This is the final look. Not very frightening, but she did have a bottle of poison in her basket!

A photo of the whole group. Scary? Nah. We had loads of fun, though!





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