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In the Spotlight: Wendy’s Lookbook

November 25, 2012


When you’d ask me who my favourite YouTuber is, I woudn’t know how to choose one – there are so many inspiring people out there!

But I do have a few favourites, among them is… Wendy’s Lookbook!



Wendy creates videos that are mostly about fashion, just like thousands of YouTubers. So what’s the big deal about Wendy being so special, then?
Let’s start with stating the obvious: SHE. IS. SO. CUTE! I love her light, somewhat childish personality. The great thing is that she can make very profound video’s, like this one:

Here’s the point: I don’t particularly like watching video’s about fashion, I’m not that interested in clothes or accessories. But for me, all of Wendy’s videos are a pleasure to watch! This is partly because of Wendy being awesome, partly because the editing is great. An example:

I especially love this video:

How does she do that? It must have taken days to plan, film and edit that video… Luckily for her, she has Mystery Man! Mystery Man is the guy behind the camera, he does the filming and editing. Wendy never ever shows him in her video’s, it’s a pity because all her watchers desperately want to know what he looks like :P

By the way, Wendy has a blog too.

Wendy, keep going girl! :)




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  1. Kimberley permalink
    November 27, 2012 6:40 pm

    Ze heeft inderdaad een prachtig kanaal. Ze is ook adorable! :D

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