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My 5 Favourite Lip Balms

November 28, 2012

Winter is coming, the days are getting colder. The first thing I think of? Stoking the fireplace, buying a scarf, preparing some hot chocolate? No, how to protect my lips from the weather, of course!

(Hot chocolate is awesome, though)



I must admit, I’m a bit addicted to buying lip balms. If it’s cheap, moisturising and nice-smelling, it’s in my shopping basket. Here are my five favourite lip balms!

My lips with nothing on them.

Let’s start with my most basic balm… I’m sure you’re all familiar with Vaseline lip balms, this is the Cocoa Butter edition. It smells of vanilla and chocolate, yum! It has a great formula, non-sticky, moisturising and quickly absorbed by my lips.

I’m very proud of the fact that I finally got hold of this word-famous product: the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Lip Balm. They say it’s miraculous! I say it’s just great (very moisturising), no magic and stuff. I don’t like the smell, by the way, but I got used to that.

This tube (Labello’s Pure & Natural Milk & Honey) is always in the pocket of my winter coat, when you’re on the go it’s just easier to apply than when it’s in a jar.  It really does smell like honey, I like it :)
It’s nice and moisturising, a bit sticky though.

The three lip balms above all look nearly the same, colourless but a bit shiny.

When would have to hand out a price for the best smelling lip balm, it would definitely go to this one. This is a limited edition lip butter by The Body Shop and OH MY GOD it’s smells (and tastes) so delicious! I can’t really describe the smell, it’s sweet and fruity or something… It’s very buttery and nice feeling, when my lips are very dry they love this stuff!

The only disadvantage is the way it looks, it’s white…

The last one is a mix between a lip balm and a lip stick: Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm (#356 Big Apple Red) by NYC (New York Color). Unfortunately it’s not very long-lasting, but it has a tasty apple-like smell, and…

… it looks pretty!


These were the five lip balms I love the most, I hope you enjoyed it :)






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