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Review: Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Mono’s

December 6, 2012



Today I want to share with you five different colours from an eyeshadow range by Catrice.

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The first thing I want to mention is what I think of the packaging. I love it! It’s sleek and expensive-looking – you can’t tell from the containers that each eyeshadow only costed me €2,79 (if I remember correctly).

catrice eyeshadow mono 003

The inside is what counts, though! These eyeshadows are all greatly pigmented, especially the dark ones. They do cause massive fall-out underneath your eyes, so be aware of that. A sticky base is required! Also it’s very important you do the eyes first and then move on to your face, then you can cover up the last bits of fall-out with your foundation or concealer.

Now let me show you the colours… On to the first shadow!


This one is #280 Heidi Plum, a shimmery purple shade. Sometimes you can even see some red in it, it’s absolutely gorgeous!


Another beauty I own, it’s called #390 Top Of The Cops. As you can see, it’s a slightly metallic blue shade with tiny silver glitters in it.


This one – #340 Oops… Nude Did It Again! – is a whole less noticeable, therefore it’s great for blending other eyeshadows into my own skin colour. It’s a bit shimmery, so it can be used as a highlighter as well.


#340 Sitting On A Volcano is a grey/silver shade, it’s more matte than the previous ones but it still contains a bit of shine.


The last shadow has a fantastic name (they all have, in fact): #140 The Captain Of The Black Pearl. Although it looks a bit grey in the photograph, it actually is very black and very very very pigmented. Oh boy, this eyeshadow caused me so much trouble! I had one before this one and the package broke in my bag , everything was covered in this crazily pigmented black powder… So I had to clean everything (which took me so much time) and buy a new one – the eyeshadow (not the container, thank god) broke after two days. Other than that, I can’t deny it’s great to have such an extremely pigmented black eyeshadow! But I don’t like the silver sparkles, I would prefer it to be matte.

catrice eyeshadow mono 030

To wrap things up: I like these Absolute Eye Colour mono’s! They’re a bit hard to work with (and they can cause you nasty situations like what happened to me), but the colours are beautiful!





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