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Reviews: Lip Products by Miss Sporty

December 19, 2012

Before you continue reading, I have to admit I’ve always hated Miss Sporty. In my eyes, all of their products are childish and cheap looking! That’s why I have never bought something from that brand, until now…

I’ve tested three lip products, to see if they’re really as ugly as I thought. Maybe it’s just prejudice… Or maybe not?


You might wonder why I bought three products when I actually hate the brand. Well, I got curious after reading very positive reviews on the internet! Let’s see if my review is as positive as the ones I saw on line…

Naked Lips!

The picture above shows my lips without anything on them. As you can possibly see, they are very dry at the moment. But I am on my way to recovery, thanks to these babies!

Miss Sporty Lipstick

The first thing I bought was a Perfect Color Lipstick in #051 Bubble Gum. This costed me €1,99 – which is a real bargain.

Miss Sporty Lipstick

Can someone explain to me why this colour is called ‘Bubble Gum’? Bubble Gum is PINK, you bloody idiots! This one is definitely not pink… but very pretty it is :)

Miss Sporty Lipstick

This kind of orange toned lipsticks don’t fit me very well, they are a little too bright for my face. But other than that, this is such a great, vibrant colour!

Also, the lipstick is soft and creamy, and it does a decent job lasting a few hours. One problem is that it doesn’t spread out evenly on my lips. Maybe that’s just because of my lips being very dry, though.

Miss Sporty Lipgloss

On to the next product: the Hollywood Forever Lipgloss #188 Kiss Intention (€3,79).

Miss Sporty Lipgloss

But DAMN this is such a beautiful gloss! Look at that! It’s a really flattering shade of pink, and the little tiny sparkles are lovely. I have yet to find out how this looks like with a lipstick underneath it, but I can already say that I adore it on its own.

Miss Sporty Lipgloss

And here’s the full face picture. By the way, ‘Kiss Intention’…? If I were you, I wouldn’t kiss while wearing this! It’s very sticky, you might get glued to your lover.

Miss Sporty Lip Pencil

The last and definitely least product: the Lipliner Pencil #012 Wine, which has the same price as the lipstick: €1,99.

Miss Sporty Lip Pencil

Does wine have this colour? I guess not… Now I can’t shut up about the names of these products, can I? :P

Anyway! This pencil is rubbish. It is shockingly hard, my lips suffered a great deal because I had to press it firmly onto my lips to get some colour out of it. One tip is to held it above a flame for a little while, click here to see it in one of my videos.

Miss Sporty Lip Pencil

Same downside as the lipstick has: it’s nearly impossible to apply it evenly to your lips…

It’s a pretty colour, but other then that I can’t think of anything positive to say about it.

Miss Sporty Lip Products

To wrap things up:

  • The lipstick: For this amount of money, it’s a great lipstick. Maybe the colour doesn’t suit me, but it’s pretty and pigmented and sooo creamy!
  • The lipgloss: Love it! The colour is nice and pinky, and the sparkles are to die for!
  • The lip pencil: I wouldn’t recommend this one, unless your lips are made of stone…

Okay, maybe I have to reconsider my opinion about Miss Sporty. The names of the products are all oddly chosen, but I do love the lipstick and especially the lipgloss… Oh my, the lipgloss! (Not sure if Tim will like it, though :P)





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