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In the Spotlight: Christmas!

December 23, 2012

It’s beginning to look a lot like… Christmas! I think many of you would agree when I told you it’s my favourite time of the year :)

You could say Christmas doesn’t need a spotlight, it’s bright enough on it’s own… But I’m going to show you some Christmas themed stuff anyway: my Christmas decorations, a Christmas themed NOTD, my favourite Christmas songs and a video I made that just screams Christmas!


Let’s start off with some nice Christmas songs you can listen while reading this article. Give it up for my favourites!

This one is my all time favourite Christmas song: Baby it’s cold outside. The lyrics are hilarious! I know there are lots of covers of this song, I like this collaboration (Jake Coco and Savannah Outen) the most.

I don’t particularly like this song (Shake Up Christmas by Train), but the video makes me feel so happy!

This is such a cute song! It’s called The Christmas Song by Mindy Gledhill.

Let’s decorate our houses while listening to Christmas music…

I love Christmas!

I love Christmas!

I love Christmas!

My Christmas tree looks even better in a blurry photograph:

I love Christmas!

Now look at this video, and I guarantee you’ll feel all warm and cosy…

This video shows an event called Vreeswijk bij Kaarslicht, it’s a small village completely decorated with candles and Christmas lights.

By now I must have created a Christmas mood, haven’t I? Well, then the time has come to add a Christmas themed nail art to your nails!

I love Christmas nails!

This design is so easy to create! I just painted my nails with a dark blue color  Then, quickly after I applied the second coat, I placed some green stars onto the wet polish. You can cut some of the stars in half and apply them to the sides of your nails, that gives a nice effect. Then apply a top coat, and you’re done! If you want the stars to stand out more, you can apply a lighter varnish than the dark blue one I used.


  • 60 Seconds Nail Polish #740 Clear (Rimmel London) – I used this as a base- and topcoat
  • LE Breaking Dawn Nail Polish #01 Jacob’s Protection (Essence)
  • Green stars, I can’t remember where I got them from… but I bet you can find them in a craft store!


Merry Christmas to all of you!




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