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Quick Tips: Eyeliner

January 3, 2013

If you ask me, one of the hardest products to apply is eyeliner! No matter which type (gel, liquid or felt tip) you’re using, practice and focus are always required. The first time I tried out to create I smooth black line above my lashes – I failed. The time after that, too. The time after that… well, you get the picture. But eventually it gets better, I promise you! That’s why my first tip to you is: don’t give up. Ready for some more tips? Click Read More!


  • Take some time exploring: what consistencies are available and which kind suits you the best? My favourite is gel/cream eyeliner, I feel I have the most control with this type. For me liquid liner is just too… liquid! And felt tip eyeliners dry out so quickly, I have yet to find one that stays pigmented for more than a few weeks. The eyeliner I use is Maybelline’s Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (#01 Black).

Maybelline Eyeliner

  • Before applying eyeliner, I recommend taking a black kohl pencil and applying this to your upper waterline and between your upper lashes. When you skip this step, there may be some ‘bare’ skin between your eyeliner and you’re eye – which looks a bit odd.
  • Make sure you’re resting on a steady surface. When you’re doing your own make up, set your elbow on the table, when you’re applying eyeliner to someone else, allow your hand to rest on their face. That way you reduce the chance of a shaking, unsteady hand and therefore a line that’s not as sharp as you desire.
  • A dark eyeshadow can also be used as eyeliner, which is great because you can blend it out afterwards! This just enhances and defines your lash line in a beautiful, natural way.
  • Maybe black eyeliner is too harsh for you on a daily basis. In that case, brown or grey are great alternatives. Or if you want to be bold, choose a brighter colour like green or blue, like the one from Essence on the picture below.

Essence Eyeliner

  • It may be in your nature to close your eyes when a scary pointed brush is approaching, but don’t! The skin of your eyelid wrinkles when you close your eye, so you’ll get a wrinkly line. Also, when creating a wing at the outer corner, it’s important that you see how it looks with your eye opened. Look down into a mirror, I find that to be the best angle.
  • Don’t try to make the line in one swipe, that’s just impossible. Find out which technique you like the most (f.e. making little dots before connecting them) and what starting point (inner corner, the middle of your lid, your wing) works best for you.
  • Talking wings! If you’re not sure in what direction your wing should head, imagine a line (the blue one in the picture) between your outer corner and the point where your brow ends. Now follow that line! When your eyebrows can’t be trusted (some people have brows that stop where the arch should be), just ‘extend’ your lower lash line (the red line in the picture)

Eyeliner guidelines

  • To make a very sharp wing, you can use a piece of sticky tape underneath the line. Another option is to trace the outsides of your wing with some concealer.
  • Okay, you’re done. Both of your eyes look awesome, except for one tiny little thing: they are not symmetrical… How annoying, now you have to remove one side and start over! To prevent this from happening, once in a while take a look in the mirror during the process and compare your eyes to see if they look the same.
  • Take your time. And also definitely take some make up remover + Q-tips with you.

I hope this helps! Good luck, and don’t freak out every time you make a mistake – like I tend to do.




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