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2012 Brush Awards!

January 8, 2013

Last week I told you about my favourite beauty products, I didn’t include brushes. I do hope you all realize how incredibly important brushes are! That’s why I dedicate this blog post to my most-used brushes in 2012.



As I did with my previous Awards, I’m going to divide the brushes into categories, there are three: eyes, lips and face.



Beauty Awards 2012 072

Eyeshadow: I use lots and lots of different eyeshadow brushes, they all have different purposes! But the three ones I use the most are: Eye Shadow Brush (ELF), Blending brush (HEMA) and Eye Crease Brush (ELF)

Beauty Awards 2012 074

Eyeliner: Angled Liner Brush (HEMA)

Eyebrows: I use the same Angled Liner Brush (HEMA) – I have two of that one.



Beauty Awards 2012 075

Lipstick: Lip Art Brush (Catrice)



Beauty Awards 2012 078

Liquid Foundation: Expert Face Brush (Real Techniques) – Review

Beauty Awards 2012 084

Concealer: I don’t know the name of this one, I’m sorry.

Beauty Awards 2012 086

Powder: Kabuki Face Brush (ELF)

Beauty Awards 2012 092

Blush: Blush Brush (Essence)

Beauty Awards 2012 095

Highlighter: Fan Brush (HEMA)


I couldn’t live without these babies! And the great thing is that they are all fairly affordable, the prices range from 1 (the ones from ELF) to 9 (the face brush by Real Techniques) Euro.

I strongly advise you to invest in good brushes, the tools you use are equally as important as the make up you apply. Maybe even more…




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