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In the Spotlight: Loïs (:

January 15, 2013

As you perhaps know – it’s kind of hard to ignore because she takes so many pictures for my blog – my friend Loïs is a photographer. And a very good one! Though she won’t admit she’s as great as we tell her she is…



To prove that I’m right about her being great, let me show you some pictures she’s taken:

© Loïs van de Water

Loïs: “I really like taking different kinds of pictures. Varying from flowers to events!”

© Loïs van de Water

“I also take pictures for the school paper, this one was taken for the make over feature Suzanne and I take care of.” (for more information, click Projects in the upper right corner)

© Loïs van de Water

“Right after I got a macro lens I had to test it by taking pictures of flowers!”

© Loïs van de Water

“I photographed this beautiful butterfly in the Zoo while we should have been studying monkeys for a biology project.”

© Loïs van de Water

“This one was taken in France. I extracted some of the colour in the background to highlight the contrast between the happy flags and the gloomy village.”

© Loïs van de Water

“I wanted to capture the remarkable way the light hit only the two flowers.”

© Loïs van de Water

“This is my friend Pauline who offered to model for me. So Suzanne (she did the make up) and I decided to arrange a shoot.”


These were some of her photographs, I hope you liked them!

Some words of wisdom my father once spoke:

Loïs is brilliant.



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