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Quick Tips: False Eyelashes

January 23, 2013

False eyelashes… In the store I see them, I buy them and I love them – especially the ones from Eyelure. When I’ve come to the point of applying the lashes, I hate them. So much! But when I’m done and they are beautifully enhancing my eyes, I LOVE THEM.

Love, hate, love… Let’s skip the hate part, shall we?



If you follow the tips I’ve written down in this article, I guarantee it will be a whole lot easier to apply false eyelashes.

False Eyelashes

  • When the lashes are too long and therefore unnatural looking for you, what’s stopping you to trim them?
  • Another DIY tip is to cut your lash strip into multiple parts, and apply them one by one next to each other. You can choose to apply just one piece to your outer corner, to get a more natural effect. There are also individual lashes available, like the ones on the picture above.
  • Start with bending the lashes, then they match the round shape of your eye and therefore they will be easier to apply.
  • There are special tweezers for applying fake eyelashes. I don’t own a pair, but you can see an example here.  (Don’t freak out yet, I’m sure there are cheaper ones available.) Of course you can also use regular tweezers, like I do.

False Eyelashes

  • After you’ve applied glue to the falsies, wait 20-30 seconds before you stick them to your eyes. It’s so much easier to apply the lashes when the glue is a bit tacky!
  • The corners of the strip can be a pain in the ass sometimes. Sometimes – who am I kidding? I always have to remind myself to stay calm when they aren’t obediently sticking down but flying upwards instead. Make sure you give the outer corners some extra attention, by applying more glue to them and holding them in place for a while.
  • If there’s still a naughty corner that doesn’t want to stick, apply some extra glue in that area.
  • After you made sure the lashes stick well (you’ve reached this far – good job!) use a lash curler to blend them into your own lashes.

False Eyelashes

  • Depending on what glue you use, it will dry black, clear or white. In the last case, it’s important that after you set the lashes in place and the glue has dried, you apply some eyeliner to cover up the glue.
  • It’s totally okay to reuse the lashes a few times, I know I do! But make sure you don’t apply mascara to them if you wish to use them again some time.

False Eyelashes

Look at that picture – don’t my lashes look amazing?

False eyelashes, I love them.




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