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Review: Essence (LE Vintage Dictrict) Gel Eyeliner

February 15, 2013

Is it just me or are the Limited Editions getting better and better? Essence just released one, themed ‘Vintage District’. The products all looked amazing, but I especially fell for the bright turquoise gel eyeliner in #01 Shopping @ Portobello Road. Yep, you’ve guessed it: this is my review of it!



The eyeliner comes in a plastic package, an eyeliner brush is also included. See for yourself:

Essence LE Vintage District Gel Eyeliner

I think this costed me somewhere between two and three Euro, so that’s a pro!

Essence LE Vintage District Gel Eyeliner

Let me first say something about the brush: it’s horrible. But then again, that could be expected of a brush coming with such a cheap eyeliner.

Now on to the eyeliner itself…

Essence LE Vintage District Gel Eyeliner  How I love this colour! Add a bit more green to it and you get my absolute favourite colour, I have a lot of clothes in similar colours – that’s why I bought this eyeliner.

Essence LE Vintage District Gel Eyeliner

Here are some swatches. The right one is just one stripe, the pigmentation is okay but in my opinion not good enough for a gel eyeliner. So I tried to build the other one to get more intense pay off, it worked out pretty well. The texture is not very rich and a tiny bit dry, I suspect it doesn’t take long for it to dry out completely…

Essence LE Vintage District Gel Eyeliner

Here’s what I did to the swatches: I smudged the left one right after I applied it, and as you can see it worked perfectly. I think that’s great, now you can decide for yourself if you want a sharp or a smudged line. However, I hoped for the other line not to smudge when I rubbed it ten minutes later – but it unfortunately did. This shows the lasting power is doubtful.

Overall I think this is a quite good eyeliner, especially considering the amount of money it costs. The colour is great, pigmentation and lasting power… not so great.




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