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My Make Up Stash!

February 17, 2013

Given the fact that I’ve been spending most of the last days re-organising my make up stash, it would be silly not to write an article about it! I’m finally happy with how it’s organised, and I can’t wait to show it to you…




I know that there are professional make up gurus who have a separate room dedicated to their make up, for me just one drawer is enough. I simply have everything I need, and I don’t need fifty more shades of red (or grey!). I must admit I like buying new things, though, so my stash does keep expanding.

My Stash

This is my make up stash! Beside the drawer I have my brush roll, and a box for my nail polishes. Also I like to keep a selection of most used products on my night table.

Let’s zoom in a bit more! I can’t talk about every single product, but I will tell you how I sorted all kinds of products.

My Stash

This basket contains mostly lip products; in the left bottom is a little basket where I keep my lipglosses, and next to them my ‘special’ lip products, such as stains and the weird textured ones like the Shine Caresse products by L’Orèal Paris. In the left are two tin containers for my lipsticks, the natural colours (bottom) separated from the brighter shades (top). Oh there’s one missing! At the top of the picture are my foundations and BB cream, left from them a basket for random things that don’t fit anywhere else (including my scar wax and fake blood).

My Stash

This basket is dedicated to my eye and face products. In the left top you can see my blushes, bronzers and highlighters, in the right powder foundations and setting powders. In the left bottom is room for my eye primers (including my favourite, Urban Decay’s Primer Potion). Next to that one is a basket containing my eyeliners, in different textures. There are gel eyeliners in various colours, from bright turquoise (Essence) to plain black (Maybelline). In the right bottom corner is the huge Sephora bronzer, it doesn’t fit into any of the baskets…

My Stash

EYESHADOWS! This container is deeper than it looks like! There are palettes (like Urban Decay’s Naked Palette), powder eyeshadows (like the Absolute Eye Colour Mono’s  by Catrice) and cream eyeshadows (like the Maybelline Color Tattoo’s).

My Stash

Okay this looks like a mess. But it isn’t! The bottom from left to right: mascara’s (for instance The Falsies by Maybelline), eye + brow + lip pencils (like the terrible one by Miss Sporty), and glitters. In the back you can see my false lashes, and next to them my brush cleaner spray.

My Stash

And then there is my brush roll. This pretty much explains itself, I guess. For my favourites, click here.

My Stash

Last but not least: my nail polishes. I made dots on the lids so I can easily see what colour is in the bottle, look at this video to see how I did this. I plan to post an article about my favourites very soon. Among those favourites will certainly be Rimmel’s Precious Stones!


That’s it! I hope my stash stays as organised as it is now…





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  1. February 24, 2013 5:55 pm

    Nice stash, you have so much brushes. I love it!

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