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I don’t get it! Beauty Talk I Hate.

February 22, 2013


Make up is awesome, I’m sure everyone will agree – there will be no cat fights over that one. But other than that, there are lots of different opinions about how to use make up, lots of which seem ridiculous to me.

I’m going to tell you a few things I just don’t get…




  • When people smile while applying blusher. ThScreenshot from my Make up DON'TS videoey do this to find the right place to apply blusher to: the apples of the cheek. My first point is WHY would you need such a trick to find your cheeks?! I know where my own cheeks are! Secondly: it’s just a foolish trick that makes you apply your blusher way too low, while you should want to go up to create a lifted face. I already explained this (along with another downside of the trick) in this video.
  • When people apply so much lipgloss, it looks like there’s a jelly fish on their mouth. I know lipgloss can be amazing for giving that extra volume to your lips, especially when applied to the middle part of your lips. But why would you want to drown yourself with lipgloss? It looks wet, gross and unflattering and it must be a nightmare to kiss those lips…

Mascara Ad By Rimmel London

When people/brands think what a mascara does for your lashes, is equal to the shape of the wand.

You may have noticed that there have recently been coming out lots of mascara’s with a huuuuge wand – which will give you huuuuge lashes. The bigger the wand, the bigger the lashes, brands seem to think.

Or, even more stupid, the idea that a bent wand will curl your lashes because well, we all know that the lashes use the mascara wand as an example for whether they should bent or not…

  • Why it’s possible that one product can be used to contour and highlight as well. I’m talking about bronzer! Matte, cool toned bronzer can be used to create shadows, whereas shimmery light ones are used to make you look glow and tanned. Don’t get me wrong, this is all great… but I just think it’s curious that those two products, that seem very different from (and maybe even opposite to) each other, are named the same.

Source: MakeupbyMels

  • When people use a metallic  lip shade. This is just a personal thing, I don’t like metallics and especially not when applied to the lips. Or even worse… Frosted lipsticks! I just get sick looking at the picture above…

Yes, sometimes beauty talk really drives me crazy – I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets worked up over these kinds of things… Am I? Hello? Anybody..?



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