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Review: Inglot Eyeshadow Duo

February 25, 2013

When I was in Amsterdam last week, I couldn’t resist going into the Inglot store. Inglot is an awesome, high-quality brand from Poland, that lets you design your own palette – also know as the Freedom System. After a make up artist had applied some of Inglot’s eyeshadows on my eyes, I fell in love with them!



I can’t stress enough how extremely hard it was to choose from all those gorgeous colours! After I had finally made a decision, I stopped the sales man just in time because I changed my mind again…

The Girl On Fire Palette - Inglot

Eventually I bought 605P and 606P. A bit boring, those numbers… A pretty palette like this deserves a name! I decided to name it The Girl On Fire (totally not stolen from The Hunger Games). Oh and by the way, this costed me €19.

The Girl On Fire Palette - Inglot

LOOK AT THAT!! It’s just I just oh my god I can’t – OH MY GOD!

The Girl On Fire Palette - Inglot

Let me calm down and explain to you why these eyeshadows are so amazing. First and foremost: like all Inglot’s eyeshadows, they are crazily pigmented. Not to mention they are soft, long lasting, very blendable, they barely cause fall out and they contain just the right amount of shimmer. I am very happy with the colours I chose, they go so well with each other and they both remind me of fire. In a good way.

The Girl On Fire Palette - Inglot

Here they are applied to my eye. I used the lightest shade in my inner corner, and blended it with the darker colour in the outer part of my eye. And for the other make up… I don’t know, I just had a feeling this would work well with a black Kohl pencil (I used one by Rimmel, also mentioned in this blog post) – I think it does indeed look pretty good! I also used false eyelashes, to which I should have applied a bit more glue in the inner corner…

The Girl On Fire Palette - Inglot

Another reason why I love these eyeshadows: the warmth in them makes my blue eyes look brighter.

The Girl On Fire Palette - Inglot

I look a bit angry, don’t you think? (:

Anyway, that’s it! Now, have I convinced you about the epicness of these eyeshadows or what?





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  1. mia permalink
    August 1, 2013 7:10 pm

    This is great! Im going to Amsterdam and I planned to stop in inglot and i was trying to find a duo that would go with my blue eyes that I could pick up! super cool you have made it so easy for me

    • August 2, 2013 10:12 am

      Thank you, that’s great to hear! I hope you enjoy your time in Inglot :)


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