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Review: Rimmel London BB Cream

March 7, 2013

“Un-BB-lievable Super Makeup. You Won’t Believe Your Skin” That’s one tough advert…  It’s promoting Rimmel London’s new BB Cream, which I bought a week or two ago. Let’s see if the results of this BB Cream correspond to the commercial!



Rimmel London is quite late with bringing out a BB Cream, lots of drugstore (and high-end) brands have already done this a while ago. Rimmel says the reason for that is because they really wanted to take their time to create something new and excellent. I must admit this made me very curious!

Rimmel London BB Cream

First off: the packaging. It’s nothing special, I guess. A sleek, simple tube that’s very practical – especially when trying to get the last bit of cream out of it. The product comes though a small hole, I would have preferred a pump system but it doesn’t really matter.

SPF 25, that’s a pro! One huge downside, however, is the colour range. On the advert you can see three shades – which is already not much – in the Netherlands we only have two! Light and medium/dark. I chose the light one, because the other one looked way to dark for me, at least in the winter.

Rimmel London BB Cream

Now on to the BB Cream itself, on the pictures above you can see its texture. Jep, you’ve guessed it, it is very thick! If you have dry skin, I don’t think you and this cream will become best buddies. But let’s see what it does to my dry to average skin!

Rimmel London BB Cream

All right, let me explain what I did over there. On the picture at the left, I’m wearing no products whatsoever on my face. Then I applied the BB Cream to the right (so left on the picture) side of my face only, that’s the second picture. The right photograph shows you my face after I applied the BB Cream to the other side of my face as well. This colour is a bit too light to me, so I should buy the medium/dark one to mix this one with – which I’m not going to because I’m too stubborn… they are just stupid for not making more colours!

As you can probably see, this cream provides low to medium coverage. It does a great job covering the redness in my cheeks, while still looking natural. I like!

Rimmel London BB Cream

But the picture above shows you what I already feared. The cream is dry and thick, therefore it clings to dry patches – for instance the one just above my right eyebrow. Also, the thick texture makes it extremely hard to not be too generous with the cream. It’s very hard to blend, so you need a lot to cover you whole face. Not very economical…

For a BB Cream that’s meant to not only egalize but also treat your skin (the packaging literally promises to moisturise), I find this unacceptable. Of course you can try prepping your skin with a moisturising day cream, but that’s really the job of a BB Cream, isn’t it?

That’s too bad, Rimmel!




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  1. July 21, 2014 4:41 pm

    Hey Suzanne! Have you ever tried the Garnier BB cream? If yes, would you say it’s better than this one? I also have red cheeks like yourse and I’m looking for a BB cream to hide it (I don’t like to wear foundation). :-)

    • July 21, 2014 5:30 pm

      I haven’t tried that one so I can’t advise you on it, I’m sorry. I did discover the Tea Tree BB Cream by the Body Shop recently, and I must say that that one covers up redness very well. Maybe you would like it too? Good luck!

  2. December 16, 2014 12:52 pm

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