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NOTD: Strawberry Springtime!

March 9, 2013

Finally, spring is coming! The sun is shining, it’s warmer (not any more, but when I wrote this article it was), flowers are carefully popping up and birds are singing – I know that sounds awfully poetic. Anyway, to celebrate this all, I decorated my nails with something that just screams spring to me: strawberries!


Firstly I must admit I didn’t come up with this lovely nail art myself, I copied the design from this video by Cutepolish. It was so easy to recreate!

NOTD Strawberry Springtime

Here’s a close up. To be honest I don’t really like the green colour, strawberry leaves are not that bright – but I had no darker non-glittery green polish.

NOTD Strawberry Springtime

These are the products I used, let me list the polishes for you as well:

  • Basecoat + topcoat: 60 Seconds Nail Polish #740 Clear – Rimmel London
  • Base colour: Nail Laquer #245 She’s Pampered – Essie (this polish is on the 2nd place in my top ten)
  • Leaves: 60 Seconds Nail Polish #460 Limealicious – Rimmel London
  • Yellow dots/stripes: LE Season Of Extremes Nail Polish #03 Pimp My Bright – Essence

NOTD Strawberry Springtime

I love this design so much, I just get utterly happy whenever I look at my nails!




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