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NOTD: Blue Meets Green

March 27, 2013

A good morning to all of you! :)

I’m incredibly happy, because it’s so sunny outside! I wanted to capture my mood with a cheerful nail design, so I came up with this blue and green ombre design. Click Read more to see how I created this and what products I used!



Now here’s something funny. The polishes I chose were completely random, I just wanted something pretty and bright. However… After I was done painting my nails, I picked up my pen to write something down – and I discovered my nails art included the exact same (or as my friend would say: neeeearly the same…) colours!

NOTD Blue Meets Green

Matchy matchy!

Anyway, these are the products I used:

NOTD Blue Meets Green Let me list them down for you as well:

  • Basecoat + topcoat: 60 Seconds Nail Polish #740 Clear – Rimmel London
  • Green: 60 Seconds Nail Polish #460 Limealicious – Rimmel London
  • Blue: 60 Seconds Nail Polish #825 Sky High – Rimmel London
  • A sponge (any kind will do)

Here’s what I did: after applying a clear base coat, I painted my nails blue – I used two coats to make it opaque. It’s important to wait a while until this is completely dry! Then I placed a drop of the green polish on a bit of paper and dipped the sponge in it. I pressed the sponge onto my nails, hard on the tips and gentler when reaching the middle of my nails. This way, you get an ombre effect like the one you see on the pictures.

NOTD Blue Meets Green

Now I’ll just have to find some clothes that include this colours as well, and then I’m officially matching from head to toe – because I already have a school bag in that blue colour!




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