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My recent performances!

April 3, 2013



In case you didn’t already know this from reading my blog: I play the guitar!

The last two Friday nights I had my first performances, click Read more to see the videos.








I played two songs on Amor, that’s what the music night at our school is called. Firstly I collaborated with my friend Merle, we played Hey There Delilah (Plain White T’s) together. I think that one went pretty well! Here’s the video:

The second performance I did that night was again with Merle, as well as with Loïs, Niels and… my maths teacher :D My teacher chose the song, Happy Ending (Joe Jackson and Elaine Caswell) – it’s from the Eighties.

And then, a week later on an event called Alter Amor (another music night organised by my school, containing more ‘rough’ music) I played Sky On Fire (Handsome Poets) with my friends. I love this song to death, but it was very hard for me to play because I’m not that much of an experienced guitarist. It was amazing to be on such a stage, though!

Note: throughout the video I’m not visible all the time, because I disappeared behind the singer. Too bad that you can’t see my make up, it was pretty awesome :P






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