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My art project is finished!

April 16, 2013


I am so proud to announce that I’m finally done with my art project! It took me over a year (though I didn’t work very hard at the beginning, haha), and now my four photographs are taken, photoshopped, printed and ready for the exposition.

Click Read more to see them!




So, let me first tell you what it was all about. I’ve been working on four photographs of my face, wearing make up in the style of 1920, 1940, 1960 and 1980. Therefore I had to look at many pictures from those periods, make-up pictures as well as clothes and random art – just to get an idea of the style during that time. I combined those pictures into four face charts, the development is shown in this picture (1960 and 1980 are switched!):

Face Charts

After practising A LOT, I decided that I was ready to have the final pictures taken. I went to the studio of a professional photographer, where my friend, Loïs, took the pictures using the photographer’s fancy equipment.

Before each of the two photo shoots, Loïs filmed me while I was doing my make up. The video below shows you those shots (plus a happy ukulele song :D)

And here are the final pictures….

1920 make up

© Photography: Loïs van de Water

1920 (scary, huh?) the typical flapper look: pouty dark lips, dark eye make up and pale skin with heavy blusher on the apples of the cheek. Brows from the 20’s used to have a very strange shape, thin and high. Unfortunately, given my dark and full brows, make up nor photo shop could achieve that look.

1940 make up

© Photography: Loïs van de Water

1940 Marilyn Monroe inspired: red, shiny lips, full and sharp brows, glowing skin and a winged eyeliner combined with soft brown eyeshadows and false eyelashes.

1960 make up

© Photography: Loïs van de Water

1960 Twiggy inspired: a cut crease, dramatic lashes (lower lashes drawn on), nude lips, roundly shaped brows, quite pale skin with bronzer just below the cheekbones.

1980 make up

© Photography: Loïs van de Water

1980 Bright ombre lips, eyebrows are combed upwards, bright blue/green/purple/pink eyeshadows and a pretty normal skin.


Upcoming Thursday is the exposition, I’ll keep you updated!




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