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Your basic brush kit!

May 1, 2013

Have you ever tried applying eyeshadow with a kabuki? Or foundation with a lip brush? Not very convenient… However, some brushes you can use for multiple things: an eyeliner brush to fill in your brows, a lip brush for your concealer, etcetera. Then which brushes are essential to own, which ones should be in your basic make up kit? In this article I will show you ten brushes I think every make up artist should own.

Basic Brush Kit

To apply your liquid foundation, you obviously need a foundation brush. This one is a buffing brush (the Expert Face Brush by Real Techniques, click here for a review), which means it gives you quite a high coverage. However, this doesn’t mean your foundation can’t look natural – a good buffing brush should blend your foundation perfectly into your skin. It’s also great for blending out your concealer! In case of emergency you can also use this brush to apply powders, such as setting powder or blush…

Basic Brush Kit

… but for powders it’s way better to use a kabuki brush. This fluffy baby is from ELF, I like to apply powder foundation and mattifying powder with it. This brush can also be used for dusting some bronzer onto your face – watch out because it provides high coverage! It’s quite big, so I wouldn’t recommend applying blush with it, but you can perfectly use it to blend out your blusher.

Basic Brush Kit

Now this is the brush you should apply blush with. This blush brush is from Essence, it feels so soft on your skin! When you press the hairs together a bit (so that the brush gets smaller), it’s perfect for applying highlighter as well.

Basic Brush Kit

The previous blush brush is meant to apply powder blushes with, for cream (or liquid) brushes I like to use a stippling/duo fibre brush (also known as the ‘skunk’ brush). Cream blushes are often very pigmented, but that isn’t a problem because the hairs of this brush are far apart. Therefore, it’s able to apply a very thin layer of product – especially when you use a stippling motion (hence the name ‘stippling brush’). You can also apply foundation with it, but I prefer not to because this brush doesn’t provide enough coverage.

Basic Brush Kit

This is an angled face brush, which can be used for so many things! I usually apply contouring powder (a matte cool toned bronzer like Taupe by NYX) with it, it fits perfectly into the hollow of my cheek. I like to apply the bronzer with the tip of the brush (that’s why it’s so neat that this brush is angled), and then blend it using all the hairs. This brush is also great for applying blusher, highlighter or even setting powder!

Basic Brush Kit

This lip brush by Catrice is the best one I’ve ever used – partly because I feel like a ninja when I pull it out… Anyway, a lip brush is great for applying lipsticks (such a surprise)! No lip pencils are needed, you just use a lip brush to get a sharp lip line. Also, when I’m working on a model and I want to apply some lipgloss onto the middle of her lips, I use this brush. It can be used to apply concealer very precisely, as well. When buying such a brush, make sure it’s stiff enough – many lip brushes are way to …

Basic Brush Kit

Now on to the eye brushes! This one (by HEMA) is called the angled liner brush, I use it for three things. Most of the time, I use it to line my eyes (upper and lower lash line) with a black/dark brown eyeshadow. Other than that it’s also able to apply a sharp line of gel eyeliner, especially when you press the hairs flat together before using it. Lastly, with this brush you can fill in your brows using eyeshadow (or a liquid brow product but those aren’t that common). If you want to use the angled liner brush for those three things, I recommend buying at least two of them to keep the gel eyeliner separated from the eyeshadow.

Basic Brush Kit

This flat eyeshadow brush (this one is by ELF) is your most basic eye brush. With this one you can apply many different eyeshadows, such as your lid colour, a highlighter on your brow bone or a smudged line close to your lashes.

Basic Brush Kit

Some call this a crease brush, but in my head it’s categorised as a detail shadow brush (also an ELF one). That’s because I find it to be a bit too small to use in the crease, you will get a ‘cut-crease’ effect and that’s (most of the time) not what you want. What this brush can do is applying an inner corner highlight, it has the perfect size for that. In general, if you want to apply a small amount of eyeshadow very precisely, this brush is your best friend.

Basic Brush Kit

The last brush: one of my favourites! This blending brush (by HEMA) is absolutely necessary when you want to blend eyeshadow colours into your skin or into each other. I even have two more purposes for it: applying powder to set your concealer, or highlighting the tops of your cheekbones.

Basic Brush Kit

Obviously most make up artists (including me) have way more kinds of brushes than the ten I just showed you, but these ones form your basic kit. Well, that’s how I think about it – of course you should use the brushes you feel comfortable with.




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