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Review: Cream Blushes

May 25, 2013

Lately I’ve been a little bit obsessed with buying cream blushes… I say buying them because actually using them is tough for me – I find cream blushes hard to work with. But once applied in the right way, a cream blush can add a beautiful, natural colour to your cheeks! And they look so gorgeous in the packaging…


Today I’m reviewing four cream blushes I recently bought –

Cream Blushes

– which are called (from left to right) Miracle Touch Creamy Blush #09 Soft Murano (Max Factor), LE Neo Geisha Lip And Cheek Colour #CO3 Madam Butterfly (Catrice), LE Ready For Boarding Lip & Cheek Creme #01 Sending You Kisses (Essence) and LE Neo Geisha Lip And Cheek Colour #CO2 Picked Cherry Blossoms. LE means Limited Edition, so you can’t buy them any more (however you can still pick them up in some drug stores here in Holland).

Cream Blush

The first blush (by Max Factor) is my favourite one. The colour is really hard to describe, but what I can tell you is that the colour in the lid is very different from the actual colour on your skin.

Cream Blush

Once applied, it gives my cheek a soft rosy glow with a tiny bit of glitter in it. To my surprise this cream blush was quite easy to apply! To my opinion, most cream blushes are too pigmented and hard to blend, which leaves you with a bright red/pink stripe on your face. But this one can easily be blended into your skin!

Cream Blush

The photograph makes this blush (by Catrice) look very bright and very pink… In real life, the colour is just in between red and dark pink.

Cream Blush

But on my skin, the blush does look pink. I like the effect that it gives – I think this blush would go well with almost every eyeshadow/lip colour. It’s very hard to blend, though…

Cream Blush

Woah, that looks disgusting! The consistency of this blush (by Essence) is very different from the other ones, it’s kind of… wet.

Cream Blush

And VERY pigmented! I’ve tried so hard, but it’s impossible to make this blush look natural. Therefore it’s great for achieving a 1920’s look, but I won’t wear this to school – then everyone will think I’m feverish…

Cream Blush

The last blush (also by Catrice) I want to talk about is a bright fuchsia shade, I love it!

Cream Blush

Once applied, it isn’t that bright – but of course you can build it up. It’s matte (that’s what I love about most cream blushes), just like the previous two blushes.

Cream Blushes

Don’t they look pretty? I have yet to master the skill of applying cream blushes, but those four (well, except the Essence one) are great to practice with because they aren’t very pigmented.

Side note: of course you can also wear these on your lips, after all three of them are called a  lip and cheek colour/creme. But I prefer not to because I think the texture of cream blush is too dry to be used on my lips. However, if you mix them with Vaseline… Lots of ways to experiment with these lovely cream blushes!




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