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Review: Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Daily Nail Treatment

June 11, 2013

Woah, that’s probably the longest title ever. Maximum Growth Daily Nail Treatment, it sounds impressive… Well, is it?

I’ve tried out this treatment for a week now, and now I can give you a complete record of the progress!




After a month of studying for my exams, I can tell you one thing: my nails don’t like it.  When I’m that  busy with school, I don’t have the time and energy to paint my nails every day, so I just leave them bare. Bare nails plus studying equals me biting my nails like a four year old child!

Sally Hansen Daily Nail Treatment

Therefore, when I saw this Daily Nail Treatment from Sally Hansen I immediately bought it. I paid €2,50 for it – which was a real bargain because normally this product costs €8,99 here in Holland.

Sally Hansen Daily Nail Treatment

This is the backside of the packaging. Short nails that break and just won’t grow – check! Stronger, more beautiful nails in just 1 week – sounds good! During the past week I obediently applied one coat every day. At the beginning I wasn’t sure whether to remove the previous coat when applying a new one, as the instructions are not very clear about that. I did some research, and the internet told me to just apply the layers on top of each other. So I did…

Sally Hansen Daily Nail Treatment

Day zero: these are my nails without anything on them. They aren’t dramatically weak or broken, but they’re just… very short!

Day one: the first coat is applied! It looks very shiny, which is a huge plus for me. After the polish had dried, straight off my nails felt harder and stronger to me.

Day two: now I start thinking about the concept of this treatment: when applying a new layer every day, the polish builds up. So your nails themselves don’t get stronger, the polish on top is doing that – which isn’t a bad thing, but something you should keep in mind.

Day three: indeed, with every layer my nails feel a bit stronger. Sorry about the bad lightning by the way!

Sally Hansen Daily Nail Treatment

Day four: oh no, one of my nails (index finger) has chipped! I had to cut off a piece, it was very sad ):

Day five: other than this huge disaster (…) my nails are still going strong. I really notice the difference; they feel way less weak and biting them is a lot harder now!

Day six: unfortunately the nail polish starts to chip, which I already saw coming. I’ll just ignore that and keep on going!

Day seven: this is the last day – what do you think? I think the polish definitely made a difference, it formed a kind of protective barrier so that my own fragile nails could grow without breaking (or being bitten, ha ha) in the process. They aren’t that long… I hoped the polish contained a magical growing potion, but I was disappointed.

Sally Hansen Daily Nail Treatment

Although this treatment didn’t magically made my nails grow like crazy, it did help them to be protected. My nails definitely feel strong and healthy again, and I have to thank Sally for that. I don’t know if I’d buy this product for the full price, but for €2,50 this is a great deal!




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