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Kind of… quiet.

June 19, 2013

Lately it has been kind of… quiet around here on my blog. I haven’t been posting many articles recently – for which I’m so sorry!

Beside an apology, I thought I would give you an explanation as well. I’ve been extremely busy the last few weeks; I had my exams, after which I travelled to Italy with my friends, then I heard that I’m graduated (yay!), and during the previous week or two I went to a whole bunch of graduation parties. It has all been incredibly fun (well, except for the exams part), but the downside is that I didn’t have time to work on my blog. Also, I now have a job at the Douglas, which is a luxurious make up store here in Holland – I couldn’t be more delighted to work at such a heavenly place stuffed with make up! Another reason for not doing blog posts is that my camera broke, so I have to have fix it before I can take any pictures of pretty make up products/looks.

I don’t know when I have the time (and the camera) to write again, I will try to post an article by the end of the week. Until then – I’m sorry!





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