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Review: The Body Shop Body Butters

July 3, 2013

I have very shocking news to share with you: lip balms aren’t the most important thing (well, besides love, hope, fidelity and all those boring things) in my life any more!  I still love buying and using lip balms, but lately my attention has shifted… to body butters! Not just ANY body butters… The ones by The Body Shop are my favourites. If you haven’t heard about their awesomeness already – be amazed!

The picture above (by the way: my camera is still broken so I used my friend’s one – thank you Loïs!) shows my stash of body butters by The Body Shop. I have two regular large ones, two mini’s and one special duo-edition. I will talk about each of them individually, as they are – on the contrary to what you’d think because they are all body butters – quite different from each other. Each time I scooped up a little bit of the body butter, so that you can see the texture.

The Body Shop Body Butters

Mandarin (Mini) Body Butter: I feel kind of stupid writing this, but when I got this body butter, I genuinely thought I was buying a mango scented one. I had heard great things about the Mango Body Butter, and this one looked like it so I bought it without thinking. A pity, but luckily this body butter moisturises equally as good. It doesn’t smell nice at all, though! It’s a very strong, sweet/sour chemical scent, I don’t like it. WHY can’t I tell the difference between a mango and a mandarin?!

The Body Shop Body Butters

Shea (Mini) Body Butter: When I bought the nasty smelling Mandarin Body Butter, I got a Shea Body Butter for free – and I can tell you it definitely eased the pain of buying the wrong one! The scent of this butter is very soft and hard to describe, but I like it. Also, it’s AMAZING for moisturising dry skin! I applied it just before I went on a vacation, and three days of travelling, sunbathing and swimming (aka leg-drying activities) later my legs still felt sooo soft!

The Body Shop Body Butters

Vanilla Bliss Body Butter: OH MY GOD THIS SCENT! It smells absolutely divine – this body butter has one of the most gorgeous scents I have ever come across. It’s your typical vanilla scent, but it’s less overwhelming and it has just that little bit extra which I can’t describe. As for the effect: just like the Shea one, this body butter forms a moisturising (non-sticky!) layer on your skin, which you can still feel a few days later. The scent also stays on pretty long, I would say for a day, give or take. I believe this body butter was a Limited Edition one from last Christmas, such a shame it isn’t available anymore!

The Body Shop Body Butters

Chocomania Body Butter: I’ve heard people say different things about this scent – some love it and some hate it. I’m somewhere in between; it’s a little too sweet for my taste but I don’t think it smells bad. It doesn’t smell of chocolate, though! It’s a mixture between vanilla, chemical sweetness and cocoa. Out off all the body butters I have, I find the effect of this one the least nice. It takes quite some time for my skin to absorb it, it keeps feeling kind of sticky…


Macademia Duo Body Butter: This is my most recent purchase: a body butter that actually contains two body butters! One side is for normal skin and you can use the other side for dry skin. A lovely idea, if you ask me. I have nothing but positive things to say about this body butter: it smells very nice, it moisturises like crazy (especially the ‘dry skin’ area) and the effect lasts pretty long. Now that we’re at it I can think of one disadvantage: it contains nuts – to which my boyfriend is extremely allergic… Well, I suppose I could use it as a shield when I don’t feel like being touched, hah!

The Body Shop Body Butters

If you aren’t convinced yet, here’s a list of reasons why the Body Butters from The Body Shop are worth buying:

  • Almost every one of them smells lovely.
  • The ingredients lists are to die for: cacao seed butter, honey, shea butter, sweet almond oil… All natural and good for your skin!
  • It’s just amazing to open up such a big jar and then scoop out some of that heavenly cream… The best feeling in the world!
  • You can definitely feel the moisturising effect, especially on freshly shaved legs – yum!
  • You don’t have to keep applying it, as the effect lasts at least two days…
  • … which doesn’t mean your skin keeps feeling sticky – the cream is absorbed quite quickly.
  • You can pile them up and use them as a stand for your mirror. I do it all the time.

These body butters are quite pricy (€4,50 for a mini and €16 for the regular sized one), but I think they are definitely worth it! And pssht – you can also wait until they are on sale… 50% off? Well then, I’ll have twenty!




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