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Two Idiots Do My Make Up (Part One)

July 13, 2013

An extra update from me today, because I have an exciting video to show you.

The ‘My Boyfriend Does My Make Up Tag’ is highly overrated, if you ask me. I asked two complete idiots do my make up – which is way more fun.



Meet Remco and Jesper – one of them (Jesper) is my boyfriend now (he wasn’t yet when we filmed this), but I can assure you that they are both equally as insane. If you want to see them abusing both my make up products and my face, watch the video below!


Here’s a list of the products Remco and Jesper used:

  • Catrice Eye Shadow Base
  • Sleek Mineral Based Eyeshadow Palette (#658 Oh So Special)
  • HEMA Eyebrow Pencil (#11 and #09)
  • Essence’s Kajal Pencil (#02 Disco Fever)


Part Two will be on line very soon, so stay tuned to see my face look even more ridiculous!







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