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MUA Kit: 10 Essentials

July 16, 2013

The last few weeks I have been working on an exciting project: I was the head make up artist for the drama club from my school. They performed their play three nights in a row, and every night I was in charge of the make up. This got me thinking… Which items are essential for a make up artist to carry with you?



Accessory wise – besides brushes – I think you need…

MUA Kit: 10 Essentials

1. Before I apply foundation to my client’s skin, I always check if they need a bit of extra moisture. Many people have a few dry patches on their skin, to which the foundation will cling… In that case, I apply a bit of moisturising facial cream to those areas. I promise you, the foundation will go on way smoother! The cream doesn’t have to be from Dior, but it’s important that it works on everyone – and fast, because you often don’t have time to wait half an hour for the cream to be absorbed.

MUA Kit: 10 Essentials

2. Often overlooked, but so important, these tissues! Whether you need to quickly clean your brush/hands, wipe fallout away, dab the oil from someone’s face or just clean the table after you’re done making a horrible mess – these are your best friends!

MUA Kit: 10 Essentials

3. When their are make up smears that can’t be fixed with a tissue, these make up remover pads come in handy. For instance, you can make a perfect winged eye look by just wiping a remover pad from the person’s outer eye corner to the end of the brow! Also, I gave these pads to the actors after the play, so that they could clean their faces. Man, they were grateful!

MUA Kit: 10 Essentials

4. Indispensable and super sexy once put on a male actor’s head: this headband! Nine out of ten times there is hair in the way of your client’s face – hair that can stick to your make up and make a mess! That’s why it’s very convenient to give a person this headband before you start doing their make up.

MUA Kit: 10 Essentials

5. Q-tips/cotton buds, how could I live without them? They are so freaking versatile! And fluffy.

MUA Kit: 10 Essentials

6. When I’m doing someone’s make up and I think their hair doesn’t smell nice, I grab my shampoo and start washing! Nah – I’m just kidding. I use this baby shampoo (you can also use regular shampoo, but I find that to be too harsh for my vulnerable brushes) to clean my brushes with, of course! There’s no better feeling than using soft, clean brushes…

MUA Kit: 10 Essentials

7. Every time I’m doing someone’s make up, I have to deal with the shocking and terrible fact that they aren’t as addicted to lip balm as I am. Which means: they often have dry lips. Which means: I always take my lip balm with me and apply it to their lips before I start with the make up. By the time I’m applying lipstick, the lip balm will be absorbed – the lipstick will go on superb! Also, lip balm is great for a) highlighting the cheekbones, b) taming brows, c) creating a wet look on the eyes and d) taking the place of lipgloss, because lip balm tends to give a more natural shine.

MUA Kit: 10 Essentials

8. I already talked about needing shampoo, but I understand that it’s not very convenient to start washing and drying your brushes in the middle of doing someone’s make up. That’s why smart people invented this daily brush cleaner! This spray is perfect for quickly cleaning and disinfecting a brush – just spray, wipe and you’re good to go. Thank you, smart people.

MUA Kit: 10 Essentials

9. Most people want to know what they look like after I’m done with them (weird, huh?). That’s when a mirror comes in handy! You can also choose to give it to your client in advance (so that they can see exactly what you’re doing), but I prefer not to because I think it’s annoying when they see the look before it’s done. It’s all about the end result, right?

MUA Kit: 10 Essentials

10. This probably is an unexpected product, but I’ll explain! Imagine a make up artist with a horrible breath, constantly breathing into your face while doing your make up. Yuk! So to all you make up artists out there: make sure your breath is bearable, by taking with you some breath mints.

That’s it! Oh, and don’t forget your actual make up products.




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