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Empty Products (July 2013)

August 4, 2013

I can’t believe how fast this month has flown by! I always feel sad when July is over, because it means that a) the end of the summer is nearing and b) I have to wait a whole year until my birthday (July 26th). Anyway – during this month I used up quite a lot of products, so today I’m going to show you these empties!



Here they are…

Empties July

I used up this tube of Masterpiece Max Mascara (by Max Factor) – a really nice mascara, but I don’t think I’m going to buy it again because I have a lot of mascara’s that I need to finish lying around in my stash. Also, I ran out of my remover pads (from Kruidvat‘s own label) – which I use to take off this mascara (and other eye make-up, of course).

Empties July

Quite a lot of nail products in this Empties-post! From left to right: Rimmel London’s 60 Seconds Nail Polish in #740 Clear (a great topcoat, I already bought a new one), a nail oil called Exit Damaged Nails by Herôme (same here, I already bought a new one because I love it) and a crappy dried out purple polish by MAX (although this varnish is very cheap I’m not going to buy it again, I have another purple polish by HEMA that works just fine).

Empties July

On to my hair and body products… On the picture you can see a mini dry shampoo by Batiste, I adore this one! It makes my hair look non-greasy and adds volume – it does leave a white stain, though, so you really have to rub it in. It’s standing on top of my all time favourite hair mask: Deep Butter Mask by Guhl. After I have use this product, my hair feels soft and deeply moisturised, and it smells nice too :) I believe this was my third jar, and I’m now starting with the fourth! I also emptied my second bottle of Therme’s Bali Flower Shower Satin, I already told you how much I love this product in my previous Empties-blogpost.

Empties July

As you can see, these perfume bottles aren’t empty at all, I just own them so long that they have started to smell really bad lately. It’s too bad, because they were quite nice – I especially liked the Yellow Peach one by Yves Rocher. Oh well, I got a few new perfumes (by the Body Shop) for my birthday, and they smell even better than those two did!

Empties July

That’s it for my empty products from this month, I hope you liked this post and maybe learnt something from it. For example: rub in Batiste’s dry shampoo, Guhl makes great hair masks, try to use up your perfumes before they go bad and enjoy July because it’s over before you know it.




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