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Summer perfumes by the Body Shop

August 7, 2013

I mainly love the Body Shop because of their amazing body butters, but there sure ain’t nothing (how I hate double negatives) wrong with their perfumes as well! Today I’m going to talk about two of the Body Shop’s Eau De Toilette’s from the summer collection: Dreams Unlimited Sun Fresh and White Musk Sun Glow. Take a look! Or a sniff, rather.



These products are only available during the summer, because they’re both limited edition versions from the regular Dreams Unlimited and White musk perfumes – hence the “Sun Fresh” and the “Sun Glow”.

Summer Perfumes By The Body Shop

The packages of these scents are absolutely gorgeous, I love the ombre effect! The same ombre colours are also on the bottles, they are so beautiful that I smile every time I see them.

Summer Perfumes By The Body Shop

Let me show you the first Eau De Toilette, which is the limited edition version of the Body Shop’s famous White Musk perfume. I even recall someone telling me that the White Musk perfume is the best seller of all the Body Shop’s scents! The bottle is medium sized (a bit chubby, though!) and contains 60 mL.

Summer Perfumes By The Body Shop

Look at the beauty of that pink/orange (sunset!) bottle… Nevertheless, it’s far more important what’s in it! The Body Shop describes the scent as “seductive, feminine and floral”, and must say I agree with them. It’s a blend of peony, sandalwood, soft peach notes, lemon and amber – which results into a lovely scent that’s right in the middle: it’s a little more ‘dressy’ than an everyday scent, but it’s not as heavy as most evening fragrances. It smells really nice; sweet and fresh at the same time.

However, there is one huge downside: after an hour it’s gone. I don’t know if it’s my skin (or my nose), but it just doesn’t last on me. Such a pity because I really like the smell of it!

Summer Perfumes By The Body Shop

On to the second Eau The Toilette: Dreams Unlimited Sun Fresh. This flask (50 mL) looks more elegant to me, because it’s taller and err… curvy? The yellow and light blue colours look very fresh – just like the scent itself, according to the Body Shop: “an energising, refreshing, floral fragrance”…

Summer Perfumes By The Body Shop

… I could not have said it any better myself! This scent really is fresh and juicy, perfect for a hot sunny day! The perfume consists of neroli blossom and watermelon notes, perfumer Loc Dong says: “I added freshness with sea spray and fruity watermelon for an unexpected fragrance fusion.” An unexpected fragrance fusion, I don’t know… But it does smell very nice!

It really is a summer fragrance, I wouldn’t wear this during the colder seasons. I guess that’s the only downside I can think of, because this one does last for a fairly long time. I would recommend touching up in the middle of the day, but other than that the lasting power is excellent!

Summer Perfumes By The Body Shop

This wasp likes the fragrances as well, so it seems!


Anyway, on to my conclusion.

White Musk Sun Glow is…

  • … elegant and feminine.
  • … somewhere in the middle between an everyday and an evening perfume.
  • … gone within an hour (at least in my case).
  • … beautifully looking.
  • … suitable all year ’round!

Dreams Unlimited Sun Fresh is…

  • … fruity and fresh.
  • … a perfect summer scent for every (hot) day.
  • … not suitable for winter times, if you ask me.
  • … quite long-lasting.
  • … also beautifully looking!

I hope this review gave you enough information about these fragrances, if not then I hope you enjoyed the happy pictures!




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