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Review: Maybelline’s One By One Mascara

August 11, 2013

Less than a year ago I bought a famous mascara by Maybelline New York: The Falsies. Maybe you remember my review about this product? I was quite positive about the effect this mascara gave, although I did mention the risk of getting clumps. Well, during a few weeks of using the mascara these clumps got so much worse! It just dried out very quickly, which is a waste because it wasn’t very cheap. Such a disappointment!

However, I recently bought another mascara from the same Volum’ Express range: the One By One Mascara. Maybe this one will work for me? We shall see!



The mascara comes in this packaging:

Maybelline's One By One Mascara

Big volume, lash by lash, no clumps. Sounds great, but does the mascara really live up to these claims? Before showing you the results, I first want to talk about the brush of this mascara…

Maybelline's One By One Mascara

… it’s a very strange one! It’s very big (okay that’s not uncommon lately) and ovally shaped, with tiny rubber bristles. I find that this brush  indeed does a great job coating every lash, one by one. One downside: when I really start at the base of my lashes, the bristles sting into my waterline, which obviously hurts. But maybe that’s just me?

Maybelline's One By One Mascara

Now on to the most important part: the effects of this mascara! On the pictures above I’m not wearing any mascara, I didn’t even curl my lashes.

Maybelline's One By One Mascara

Here I applied one coat of mascara (and a tiny bit to my bottom lashes)  – WOW! The mascara lengthens my lashes like crazy, and it gives quite a bit of volume too. One more thing I like is the curl it gives, it looks pretty impressive given the fact that I didn’t use a lash curler.

Maybelline's One By One Mascara

After the first coat dried I applied a second one. As you can see my lashes now got extra volume, but they do start to look a bit spidery. That’s why I wouldn’t recommend applying another coat, just like with the Falsies mascara.

Maybelline's One By One Mascara

And finally, here’s a full face picture (again: two coats of mascara). The effect does look less dramatic when you’re not up close, but I still think the second coat is a bit too much. One coat is enough to make your lashes look beautiful!

Oh and about the staying power: unlike the Falsies mascara this one doesn’t flake or smudge during the day – of course it’s not waterproof, though.

Maybelline's One By One Mascara

I will keep you updated on the drying-out part, I hope this one doesn’t get clumpy after a month! For now all I can say is: I really like the One by One Mascara!




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