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Here comes the bride…

September 22, 2013

A while ago I did my first job as a bridal make up artist – it was an amazing thing to do! When I posted an article showing you a tutorial for the look (click!), I promised you I would show you some pictures of the bride as soon as I got my hands on them. Well, here they are!



As I said before: This make up look is very soft and feminine, as well as natural because the bride didn’t want something too bright. The cool toned colours don’t look great on my face, but I can assure you that she looked absolutely stunning wearing this look! Here’s a close up of Suzanne’s (the name of the bride – very confusing!) make up right after I was done:

Bridal Make Up Suzanne

I adored the look on her and luckily she did, too. We had a hard time picking out the right shade of lipstick, but eventually we chose a Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick in the shade #230 Coral Garden (review). To see a full list of the products I used plus a tutorial for the bridal make up look, click here.

Bridal Make Up Suzanne

This picture was taken right after we arrived at the beach (how I love beach weddings!), I reapplied Suzanne’s lipstick while she was hiding in the car so her husband-to-be wouldn’t see her…

Bridal Make Up Suzanne

Another picture of me touching up the bride’s make up, such a beautiful picture this is! By the way, all pictures that day were made by my dear friend Loïs, we were both hired to work on that wedding.

Bridal Make Up Suzanne

The wedding was lovely!

I had a blast that day – of course I did! A trip to the beach, a beautiful romantic wedding with kind and happy guests (including my best friend Loïs), and doing my favourite thing in the whole world: make up. I do hope that this wasn’t my last wedding make up job…




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