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Review: Catrice Inside Eye Highlighter Pen

November 21, 2013

In my opinion, the nude eye pencil is one of the best inventions make up wise. A good flesh-toned pencil makes your eyes look brighter, larger and more awake. Catrice bought one out a while ago, let’s hope this Made to Stay Inside Eye Highlighter Pen does it’s job!



You might already have seen this pencil popping up on my blog – I used it to create this FOTD.

The Inside Eye Highlighter Pen is available in just one colour: #010 In The Mood For Nude.

Catrice Inside Eye Highlighter Pen

I like the packaging very much, it looks simple and chique. And convenient! Although you don’t need to sharpen this pencil (it’s a twist-up), there is a sharpener hidden in the bottom to help you make the tip more pointed.

Catrice Inside Eye Highlighter Pen

As you can tell from these swatches (left: shadow, right: sunlight), #010 In The Mood For Nude is just a few shades lighter than my skin tone and absolutely matte. Now, let’s try it out on my eyes…

Catrice Inside Eye Highlighter Pen

This is the ‘before’ shot; I’m wearing eyeshadow and mascara, but no eyeliner whatsoever.

Catrice Inside Eye Highlighter Pen

This picture was taken directly after applying the highlighting pencil to my lower waterline. It looks kind of harsh like this, but that will fade quickly. Also, the effect is just way more visible up close – I promise you that in real life it doesn’t look unnatural at all. It does make a difference, though…

Catrice Inside Eye Highlighter Pen  

… but a very subtle one! If you take a quick look at these two pictures, you probably won’t notice a difference. But if you focus on my eyes, you might see that they look a tiny bit brighter in the right picture, where I’m wearing the highlighter pen. As I mentioned before, the colour will quickly look less intense – resulting in a natural shade that does last for quite a while!

The effects of this pen aren’t as great as I hoped they would be, but I do like how it makes my eyes look. I can imagine that this product would be perfect for girls with small eyes, because this pencil does open the eyes up a bit. All in all, it’s a nice little product that I don’t regret buying. Nothing special though!




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