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Review: Maybelline New York The Eraser Eye Concealer

November 24, 2013

Today I’m reviewing a concealer called Maybelline New York Instant Anti-Age The Eraser Eye Perfect & Cover Concealer. This concealer is a one of a kind product, because it contains a fluffy spherical applicator. Let’s see if this product is worthy of its ridiculously long name!



As I said, the special thing about this concealer is the applicator. It’s a cute little sphere that isn’t very cute any more once there actually comes product out of it. Then it looks kind of dirty, although Maybelline claims to have protected it with an ‘anti-microbial system’ to make up for the fact that you can’t take the sphere off to clean it. Now that I’m studying Biology, I should be very sceptical about this… Ah well, let’s just give Maybelline the benefit of the doubt, shall we?

Maybelline's The Eraser Eye Concealer

The shade I own is called Light. Apart from this colour I only saw Fair in the drug store, so that’s a bummer for ladies with darker skin.

Maybelline's The Eraser Eye Concealer

Here’s how the product works:

  1. This it what a brand new version of The Eraser Eye Concealer looks like. It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!
  2. After having turned the collar for what seems like an hour (that’s only the case when you’re using it for the very first time), finally some product came out of the dome.
  3. Apply the concealer to blemishes or underneath your eyes.
  4. Blending… It’s so creamy and blendable, I love it!
  5. Once the concealer is completely blended, this it what it looks like. I’m impressed by the amount of coverage! To see how well the concealer covers redness on my face, take a look at this picture:

Maybelline's The Eraser Eye Concealer

I’m sorry, this isn’t the most flattering part of my face… Anyway – on the second picture I’m wearing The Eraser Eye Concealer, and the redness is completely gone! Up close like this it looks a bit gross, it makes my skin not look like skin any more. However, this is only visible when someone decides to take a very close look at your nose and there’s not much chance of that.

Maybelline's The Eraser Eye Concealer

Of course this The Eraser Eye Concealer is meant for applying underneath your eyes, so let’s try that out.

  1. Wearing tinted eyebrow gel, eyeshadows, eye pencil, mascara – the whole shebang! But look at those dark circles…
  2. Applying the concealer. The spherical applicator doesn’t make this particularly easy, for me it’s just as convenient as the regular ‘lipgloss’ wand.
  3. Just before blending. Whoops, I applied a bit too much…
  4. Now the concealer is completely blended out. I used my Real Techniques Setting Brush to do this with, but you can of course use your fingers if you prefer to. Look at the effect! Amazing, right? Although it looks a bit unnatural even from a distance (I think that’s because of the overdose I applied), it does completely cover up my dark circles.

The concealer stays put throughout the whole day, I was afraid it would crease because of the creamy formula, but it didn’t.

Maybelline's The Eraser Eye Concealer

You might have guessed it: I’m very, very happy with this The Eraser Eye Concealer. It’s almost as high-coverage as my all time favourite concealer: Lasting Perfection by Collection, and I must admit that the one by Maybelline is a lot creamier and easier to blend. Unfortunately I can’t test the Instant Anti-Age part, but other than that definitely recommend this concealer!




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