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A shout out to Real Techniques

November 27, 2013

Every day I apply my make up using the same set of brushes, without even thinking. When I’m doing my make up, I’m constantly considering the actual products I use, how they look and feel, but not the brushes I use to apply them with.

But damn, these brushes are something!

So here’s a shout out to Real Techniques.


Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

It started with buying the Expert Face Brush, which I immediately loved. You can read my review here!

After having used this one, I just knew I had to get more of them – so I did. These are the Real Techniques brushes I now own…

Real Techniques Brushes

And I love every single one of them! They really are high-quality make up brushes: soft, strong, light, cruelty-free, beautifully cut and the hairs don’t fall out even after washing the brushes. The best part is that they don’t cost nearly as much as other brushes of similar quality, like MAC or Sigma. On the picture above are:

  • Expert Face Brush – It’s perfect for applying liquid foundation; I’m sorry that it’s so dirty by the way!
  • Blush Brush – I think this one is the most fluffy brush out of them all, it feels extremely soft and tender on your skin. In my opinion it’s a bit too big for applying blusher, but I use it anyway because IT’S SO FLUFFY!
  • Contour Brush – For years I didn’t own any kind of contour brush, and I really can’t understand how I lived without one. I use it for applying cream blusher, a cool toned shade of bronzer (this one) in the hollows of my cheeks, and highlighter to my cheekbones.
  • Buffing Brush – This compact brush does a great job applying (mineral) powder foundation, but you can of course use it with liquid foundations, too.
  • Setting Brush – This tiny brush is one of my all time favourites, because it’s great at doing many things. For instance: blending eye concealer, setting eye concealer, mattifiying the T-zone, applying highlighter… I featured the Setting Brush in my October favourites, click here to visit the blog post.
  • Detailer Brush – This teeny tiny brush is meant to do all kinds of applications with, such as lip products or concealer. I use it mainly for filling in my lips with lipstick, it’s the perfect size for that!
  • Pointed Foundation Brush – Although I think this brush is way too small to apply foundation with, I do love it for applying concealer underneath my eyes and around my nose.

I bought these brushes in Boots (London), but you can also get them at their website. This website also features tutorials of Pixiwoo’s Samatha Chapman (the creator) showing you how to use her brushes, like this video:


I don’t own any of the eye brushes yet, but I’m dying to get to know them. Real Techniques is fabulous!




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