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My high-end beauty wish list

December 15, 2013

I don’t want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need… I don’t care about the presents, underneath the Christmas tree – wait, what?!



To be honest, I do care about those presents underneath the Christmas tree… Especially when there are high-end beauty products involved. Today I’m going to show you my high-end beauty wish list!

My high-end beauty wishlist

Just look at those lipsticks… So chic, so fancy… They are from the Rouge Volupte Lipstick range by Yves Saint Laurent, and I hear they are of amazing quality. They’re supposed to be glossy, pigmented and buttery like lip balms. The colours are gorgeous, especially the third shade looks very pretty. But for now I’ll stick with my Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters (click and click), which are also great and cost way less!

My high-end beauty wishlist

This amazing One Night Stand Blush Palette by Nars contains some of their best selling products, like the Orgasm blush, the Laguna bronzer and the Albatros highlighter. I’m so curious to see if these shades really are that beautiful, so this palette would be the perfect Christmas gift for me.


My high-end beauty wishlist

A couple of months ago, I found a sample of this Miss Dior Eau The Toilette in a magazine of mine. The moment I smelled it, I inmediately fell in love. It’s so delicate, feminine and fresh… This scent is perfection. 

My high-end beauty wishlist

Although I quite like the mascaras I own, still haven’t found my holy grail mascara. I wonder if this They’re Real! Mascara by Benefit is worth the hype, I’d like to try it and find out…

My high-end beauty wishlist

At the moment, every one is going on and on about the new Naked 3 Palette – which I fully understand. To me The Naked Basics Palette (also by Urban Decay) sounds more interesting, though. I’ve been into natural eye looks lately, and this palette seems perfect for creating a subtle brown smokey eye. One thing I really like about this palette is that most of the shades are matte, in my opinion the Naked Palette I own (review) contains slightly too much shimmery eye shadows.

My high-end beauty wishlist

An eyeshadow palette I’m also craving for is this lovely Rich Chocolat Eye Palette from a limited edition by Bobbi Brown. I don’t own anything from that brand, but I’ve seen beautiful pictures of their products! This palette features some of my favourite shades: brown, black/brown, bronze and champagne.


These are the crazily expensive but oh so pretty beauty products on my Christmas wish list! If I had to pick one absolute favourite, I think it would be the Miss Dior scent. I’d be a very happy girl if that perfume would be underneath my Christmas tree!

Make my wish come true… Miss Dior, all I want for Christmas, is you. And the Naked Basics Palette. And an YSL Lipstick. And…




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