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Review: 2x Bourjois Paris Eyeshadow Mono

January 3, 2014

Although I’ve tried out quite a few of Bourjois Paris’ make up products (love Healthy Mix!), their eyeshadows are completely new to me. I’ve never tried one before, but that’s about to change because today I’m reviewing two of the Bourjois Paris Eyeshadow Monos!



First of all, I like the packaging very much – it’s small, strong and convenient. Also, the eyeshadow contains a little mirror, which is so handy!

Review: 2x Bourjois Paris Eyeshadow Mono

One thing I don’t like is the applicator that comes with it, I’d rather apply the eyeshadow with my finger than using such a foolish sponge applicator.

Review: 2x Bourjois Paris Eyeshadow Mono


Anyway, on to the actual eyeshadows. I’m sorry for the ruined packaging on the upper picture, by the way!

The shade called #10 is a very glittery gold, and the other one (#05) is light pink and shimmery – it looks quite boring to me. Then again, such nude shades come in handy for blending out other eyeshadows.

Both shades aren’t very pigmented, especially the gold one contains more glitter than colour particles. I wouldn’t say that’s a bad thing, it’s great for people who want a subtle eye look. However, it’s difficult to combine them with other (darker) eyeshadows because then they wouldn’t show up at all.

I must admit that they do look pretty in the sunlight (fourth picture), though! The glitters in the golden shade are stunning, way more beautiful in real life than on this photograph.


Now, let’s find out what they look like on my eyes… Firstly, I applied the golden eyeshadow (#10) to one of my eyes, the first picture is my naked eye and on the second picture I’m wearing the eyeshadow. I hope you’re able to see the effect, because it’s barely visible! Some people may like it, but this eyeshadow really is too subtle for my taste. Another downside: can you spot the fall out?

Review: 2x Bourjois Paris Eyeshadow Mono

On the right picture below, I’m wearing the #05 eyeshadow on my lid, underneath my eyebrow and in my inner corner. Once again, the effect is very subtle. But, as I said before, such a shade is great for blending other eyeshadows – I’m definitely going to try that out.

Review: 2x Bourjois Paris Eyeshadow Mono

So, to wrap things up… Although some women may like the subtle effect, I think these Bourjois Paris Eyeshadow Monos are overpriced considering their lack of pigmentation. I’ve come across way more pigmented eyeshadows that cost ten dollars less, Catrice (review) for instance.

When it comes to Bourjois, I’ll just stick to their foundations!




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