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Announcement: the Lipstick Challenge

January 19, 2014

Although there are over 50 lip products in my make up stash, I don’t tend to wear them on my lips on every day basis. When I’m getting ready in the morning, I focus on my skin and eyes – rather than my lips. Also, I don’t look forward to reapplying the product during the day. But that’s about to change…



Lipsticks, lip stains, lip glosses, lip pencils… I love them all and I hate myself for being too lazy to wear them. That’s why I’m introducing a challenge to make me wear lip products again! 

Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipsticks

Every day of the next week, I have to wear a lip product. This product will be a different lipstick/stain/gloss every day, and I have to wear it the entire day. Another rule is that I can’t pick nude shades or clear lipglosses/balms all the time – that would be too easy!

When the week is over, I’ll post an update with seven FOTD pictures, plus short reviews of the lip products featured. Maybe I’ll continue doing this challenge for another week, we’ll see.


I hope that, in this way, I’ get used to wearing lip products more often. It’s just a waste to never use the beautiful lippies I have lying around in my stash!




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