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YouTube Beauty Girls: My Top 10

January 22, 2014

As I spend a great part of my time watching beauty videos on YouTube, I pretty much know every beauty guru out there. And of course I do have my favourites, here’s my top 10 of the YouTube Beauty Girls!



Counting down from 10 to 1…

10. Emma Pickles

Although I was quite confused when I came across Emma’s videos (her voice doesn’t match her face!) I did immediately love her make up looks. Whatever make up she applies, it looks beautiful – or maybe that’s just because she’s beautiful herself…

9. Eleventhgorgeous

If you like cheerful chatty videos, you’ll love Eleventhgorgeous. These two sisters are always in a good mood and they talk about drug store products all the time – which I love!

8. Emilynoel83/Beauty Broadcast

When it comes to make up products, I trust Emily more than anyone else. She knows what she’s talking about! Her reviews are always very thorough and honest, and she also makes great tutorials.

7. NikkieTutorials

As Nikkie and I both live in Holland, I’m silently hoping that I’ll run into her one day. I love her videos; she creates gorgeous looks and she’s very funny and down to earth. And her background is so pretty!

6. KlairedelysArt

Klaire is the most creative make up artist out there; her make up looks are always very different, inspiring and sometimes creepy. Just watch the video above (if you dare) and see for yourself!

5. Lisa Eldridge

I already shared this wonderful Mature Women Make Up Tutorial with you in this blog post, because it’s truly wonderful. If I could choose one of the YouTube make up artists to do my wedding make up, I would go for Lisa – she’s a pro and also very kind!

4. Lily Pebbles & ViviannaDoesMakeup

I love these two lovely girls, especially when they do beauty chat videos together. I just can’t choose between them so they’ll have to share the fourth place!

3. Pixiwoo

Of course Pixiwoo deserves a place in my top 10, because of their amazing, high-quality tutorials. You can tell that they know everything there is to know about make up; they are so experienced and professional!

2. Essiebutton

This Canadian/English beauty lover can talk on and on for hours about products she likes, and I can go on and on listening to her opinions and funny stories!

1. Tanya Burr

How could the winner not be Tanya Burr? If you’ve seen this blog post, you already know how much I love her. She’s adorable and sweet, yet very professional when it comes to make up. Watching her videos makes me so happy!


If you didn’t already know the beauty girls mentioned in this top 10, make sure to check them out – I just know you’ll love them!




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