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Review: Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Collection

January 29, 2014

I’ve spoken lots about Real Techniques, so you might already know how much I love this brand. It started out with the Expert Face Brush (review), ever since I’ve been buying more and more of the brushes – click here to read the loving article I wrote about them.

And guess what: I bought three more!



The three brushes came in a set called the Duo Fiber Collection. It was quite expensive: €30 – which, then again, isn’t that much for three high quality brushes. Let’s find out if they are in fact of high quality!

Review: Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Brushes

The three brushes are all duo fiber brushes, this is a type of brush that allows you to create a very subtle finish. The sparse white hairs pick up a small amount of product, and the shorter black hairs blend it as you go.

Review: Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Brushes

The first brush I want to talk about is this duo-fiber eye brush. The bristles are quite long and not very firm, so it’s great for blending eyeshadows. Blending is the main thing I use this brush for, sometimes I also like to apply my crease shade with this brush for a soft shadow. In my opinion this is a nice little brush, not very special but a welcome addition to my eye brushes.

Review: Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Brushes

Next is the duo-fiber contour brush – this one is amazing! I already owned the contour brush from the Core Collection by Real Techniques, but I find that that brush applies bronzer too heavily. When you contour with this duo-fiber brush, you do get a very subtle and natural result. I love using this brush with my go-to contour shade, NYX Blush in Taupe (review), but I also apply my highlighters and cream blushes with it.

Review: Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Brushes

The duo-fiber face brush is about two times larger than the contour brush, the size makes it perfect for the application of (setting) powder all over the face. I use this with my Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder, which works really well. However, sometimes I feel like this brush actually applies to little of the powder – the effect is too subtle for me. What’s more, I have to use my RT Setting Brush to reach small areas like underneath my eyes, because the duo-fiber face brush is too large for that. I would also like the hairs of this brush to be a bit firmer, they are very weak. Other than that: it’s an okay brush!

Review: Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Brushes

I bought this Duo Fiber Collection mainly for the contour brush, and it didn’t disappoint me! The other two brushes are very nice, although not must-haves, if you ask me. I do really like this set, don’t get me wrong, but I like my other Real Techniques brushes better.

I hope this review was helpful! If you decide to buy the Real Techniques Duo Fiber Collection, you can click here to go to the web shop. There’s also a video from Sam Chapman, where she introduces and demonstrates this brush set. Very handy!




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