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My Nail Care Routine

February 8, 2014

My laptop, Vampire Diaries, a candle, a cup of tea and a few nail care products. That’s all I need to completely relax! To me, pampering my nails is not only good for my nails, but also very good for my mood. Today I’m going to show you the five steps in my nail care routine!



Here we go…

My Nail Care Routine

I always start off by removing my nail polish. It’s best to use a acetone free remover, because acetone really dries out your nails. I’m using a moisturising nail polish remover by Kruidvat (a Dutch drug store), a cotton pad and a Q-tip for removing the remaining bits of polish.

My Nail Care Routine

After this, I cut and file my nails. I use a glass file to remove the edges of my nails, so that they get a nice oval shape.

My Nail Care Routine

Now it’s time to use one of my favourite moisturising products (click here for an article about my other favourites): the Hand Salve by Burt’s Bees. I apply a tiny bit to my cuticles, rub it in and wait a few minutes. Once they’ve absorbed the salve, my cuticles are so soft that it’s easy to push them backwards. Do this gently!

My Nail Care Routine

This Exit Damaged Nails Oil by Herôme is also very moisturising! I place a drop of the oil on every nail, and then I massage it in. I really noticed a difference when I started using this product; it makes my nails stronger and healthier.

My Nail Care Routine

After an hour or so, when the oil is fully absorbed, I continue with the last step of my routine: applying a hardening nail polish. This one by Sally Hansen, called Maximum Growth Daily Nail Treatment, is one of my favourites for making my nails harder and less breakable. Click here to read the review I wrote about this product.

My Nail Care Routine    

That’s it for my nail care routine, I hope you liked reading about it!




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