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Tag: Products I regret buying

February 17, 2014

Although I generally don’t buy things I don’t like – thank god for reviews! – sometimes I do regret buying a make up product. I think it’s good to not only discuss the products we like in our monthly favourites videos/articles, but also talk about our dislikes every once in a while. So this is my version of the Products I Regret Buying Tag!


Firstly I want to quickly mention the I Heart Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara by Essence, which truly deserves a shout out in this article. However, I wasn’t able to take pictures of that product – I threw it away right after I tried it, because I hated it so much. I did write a review about that mascara: click here to check it out.

Tag: products I regret buying

Another product by Essence that I don’t like is the Quattro Eyeshadow in #08 Summer Love. There’s nothing to (summer) love about these eyeshadows, because they totally lack pigment. Okay, the poor pigmentation isn’t that big of a surprise given the price of this product (just a few Euro’s), but still! Also, the colour selection is horrible – call me crazy but I wouldn’t use pink, yellow and orange together in an eye look.

The BB Cream by Rimmel London wasn’t very expensive either, but I regret buying it anyway. In my opinion, a BB cream should moisturise your skin, not amplify the dark patches on your face. Unfortunately that’s exactly what this product does; the formula is just too drying for my already dry skin. Also, the shade is too light for me but I can’t find the correct match because the shade range is extremely limited. If you want to read more about this BB cream, you can click here to go to my review.

Tag: products I regret buying

Swatches from left to right: Rimmel London BB Cream #Light, the four eyeshadows from the Essence Eyeshadow Quattro #08 Summer Love.

Tag: products I regret buying

Although I do adore some of Sephoras products (like the Mattifying Foundation #26 and the Glossy Gloss #03 Precious Pink), I’ve also come across a few of their products that really suck. For instance, the Blush Me! Blush #5 Corail Frisson was a huge disappointment for me. I bought it because it looked so pretty in the packaging; a bit like Sleeks Rose Gold or Nars’ Orgasm. The swatch on the picture below shows you why I was disappointed: it’s just a bit of golden glitter and no colour at all. Too bad!

I already reviewed this giant bronzer called the Sephora Sun Disk Bronzing Powder #01 Light. As you can see on the picture below, this bronzer is orange. Like, very orange. Way too orange to look pretty on my skin! The huge mirror is nice, though.

Tag: products I regret buying

Swatches from left to right: Sephora Sun Disk Bronzing Powder #01 Light, Sephora Blush Me! Blush #5 Corail Frisson.

Tag: products I regret buying

Finally, a few lip products. Let’s start with this horrible Liquid Lip Tint by Catrice. I was very excited when I bought this product, because I love a good lip stain, but my excitement disappeared immediately when I applied it to my lips. The shade (#020 Wine-Tastic) looks awful on me – I don’t think this muddy brown colour would look good on any one, to be honest. And the strong, chemical, medicine/alcohol-like smell is just as nasty as the colour…

Because I love Revlons lip products so much (the Colorburst Lip Butters #035 and #015 and the Colorburst Lipgloss #006), I just can’t believe that their Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm #Twilight is such a disappointment. I bought this hoping for it to be a beautiful vampy red/purple shade, but it’s nothing like that. The colour is a reddish brown that makes me look old! Also, it’s very hard to get an even result when you apply the stain to your lips, because it clings to the every dry patch you might have.

The Miss Sporty Lipliner Pencil #012 Wine does have a pretty colour to it, but unfortunately the pencil is way too hard. You have to press very hard when you use it, which obviously isn’t good for your lips. The formula is very drying, too, which makes my lips hate this pencil even more!

Tag: products I regret buying

Swatches from left to right: Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm #Twilight, Catrice Liquid Lip Tint #020 Wine-Tastic, Miss Sporty Lipliner Pencil #012 Wine.

Tag: products I regret buying

I can imagine that you’ve had enough of me hating products, so I’ll stop now. I do hope you found this tag helpful, maybe it will prevent you from buying one of these products and then regretting it later!




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