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Review: Zoeva Eye Definition Brush Set

February 21, 2014

As I’ve heard great things about the brushes by Zoeva, I was quite excited when this little package arrived! It contained the Eye Definition Set, a collection of six eye brushes that costed me €20,- (plus shipping costs). I’ve reviewed this brush set for you, take a look!



Besides the brushes, the Zoeva Eye Definition Brush Set also comes with a small bag. I don’t think I will use the bag for these brushes, but I’m sure I’ll find another purpose for it.

Review: Zoeva Eye Definition Brush Set

Anyway, on to the interesting part: the brushes.

Review: Zoeva Eye Definition Brush Set

Here you can see the size of the brushes compared to my hand. I din’t expect them to be that short, but they are definitely not uncomfortable to hold. On the contrary, I find these brushes extremely user-friendly! They are sturdy, lightweight and on the handle is written what kind of brush it is (‘shader’, ‘smudger’, ‘pencil’). Very nice!

Review: Zoeva Eye Definition Brush Set

These are more detailed photographs of the brushes, so that you can see what shape they are. This is what I think of each brush (from left to right):

  • Fine Eyeliner: I use this brush for applying gel eyeliner, it makes it very easy to draw a sharp line and wing! I also like that the handle is bent, which means I can easily reach my lash line. It’s not the most precise eyeliner brush I’ve ever used, especially after you’ve used it a few times it doesn’t have a sharp tip to it any more.But it’s precise enough for me! To see the winged liner I created with the Fine Eyeliner Brush, check the picture below.
  • Smudger: Although I think I prefer my smudging brush by Sephora, this one’s lovely, too. It does a great job at smudging Kohl pencil on both the upper and lower lash line, and sometimes I also use it for casually lining my upper lash line with eyeshadow. For me the hairs are not firm enough, that’s why I like the one by Sephora better – although this one feels nicer on my skin because it’s softer.
  • Pencil: I adore pencil brushes, because they are so multi-functional! They can be used for creating a sharp (cut) crease, a darker outer V, a defined lash line or a highlight in the inner corner/on the brow bone. This Zoeva Pencil Brush is great at doing all these things, while feeling very soft on my tender eye area.
  • Precise Shader: Such a neat little brush this is! It’s very small and precise, which comes in handy when applying an inner corner highlight. You can use this brush for a ton of other things as well, but I do prefer using it for in the inner corner.
  • Shader: This is a basic eyeshadow brush. Although it isn’t a very special or exciting brush, you do need a brush like this for applying shadows to your lid. It picks up eyeshadow very easily and it also blends the colour for you a little bit. The tip of this Shader Brush is very flat, so you can also use it for smudging pencil on your lash line or something like that.
  • Crease: I LOVE THIS BRUSH. It’s super soft and so very fluffy! Although Zoeva calls it a crease brush, I use this more for blending than for applying eyeshadow to my crease, it’s a big too bit for the latter. But for blending, it’s perfect.

Review: Zoeva Eye Definition Brush Set

This picture shows you an eyelook I created using the Eye Definition Set. I really, really like working with these brushes! The eye look turned out beautifully soft and subtle, thanks to the Crease Brush which I used for blending. I want to also give a shout out to the Precise Shader Brush, because it helped me create a beautiful and precise inner corner highlight.

Review: Zoeva Eye Definition Brush Set

Here I used the Fine Eyeliner Brush. Getting close to my lash line wasn’t difficult at all, because of the shape of the handle. I could reach the inner part of my lash line very easily, and creating a wing was easy too. You might notice that the line isn’t that sharp, but I think that’s mainly because of the fact that my gel eyeliner has dried out.

Review: Zoeva Eye Definition Brush Set

I think the Zoeva Eye Definition Set is perfect if you’re starting out with make up and you’re looking for a few affordable, yet high-quality eye brushes. Given the price, I’m really amazed by the quality of these brushes, I definitely notice a difference compared to the other low-budget brushes I own. I’d say they are of the same quality as the Real Techniques brushes – which means a lot, coming from me!




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