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The best of my product photos

April 7, 2014

Ever since I started blogging, I’ve grown to love photographing – especially when I get to take pictures of beautiful make up products. Today I thought I’d show you a few of my favourite product photos which I took during the past two years.

So here they are…



In case you want to know: I’m starting with the oldest pictures, at the end are the most recent ones.

Urban Decay Naked PaletteUrban Decay Naked Palette

I took this picture right after I got the Urban Decay Naked Palette, before even using it. I remember how extremely and utterly excited I was, because I felt like I could finally call myself a real beauty blogger. It sounds cheesy, but it really meant a lot to me – and so does this picture. Furthermore, I just like pictures of palettes where it seems like there’s and endless row of eyeshadows!

Eyelure Katy Perry Lashes

This is a photo of a false lash strip called Oh, Honey! Katy Perry Lashes by Eyelure. I don’t even remember what this picture looked like before I edited it, probably way less pretty than it is now! The false lashes remind me of a spine, I don’t know why…

Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipsticks

I remember the day when I took this picture; it was a beautiful summer’s day so I decided to photograph the Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipsticks outside. To change things up a bit, I took the picture from a low angle – which resulted in lipsticks looking like they’re on top of the world!

Review: Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Brushes

These are the brushes from the Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Collection, don’t they look fluffy? I love the soft, hazy effect!

My 5 Favourite Autumn/Winter Polishes

When photographing my five favourite autumn/winter polishes, I wanted to do something special so I put the nail polish bottles on my guitar. It was challenging to keep them from falling off, but the result was awesome!

Revlon Lip Butter Tutti Frutti

As this Revlon Lip Butter is called #015 Tutti Frutti, I decided to surround it with different kinds of fruit. It actually worked out pretty well, I’m proud of this picture!

My Ten Favourite Nailpolishes

About a year ago I created a blog post about my ten favourite nail polishes, and this bright blue polish (#825 Sky High by Rimmel) came in first. Therefore this polish deserved a crown – a very photo genetic crown I might add!

Summer Perfumes By The Body Shop

Whenever I look at this picture, my mood just lights up! The blue sky, the fluffy white clouds, the back-lighting and of course the beautiful ombre perfume bottle (Dreams Unlimited Sun Fresh EDT by The Body Shop)… Instant summer feeling!


Another coronation, this time I created a 2013 Product Awards video featuring my absolute favourite products. This actually isn’t a photograph, it’s a screen shot from the video but I wanted to show it to you anyway because it’s so pretty with the beautiful lipstick, the lights, the paper crown and the lovely ribbons. Thank you to Loïs, who created this beautiful shot for me!

5 Sexy Lip Products

A few months ago I created a Valentine’s Day themed blog post, showing you five sexy lip products to wear on that special day. I know it’s a cliché, drawing hearts with lip sticks, but you’ve got to admit that it looks pretty whatsoever!

3x3 Springtime Products!

This photograph was part of my 3×3 Springtime Products blog post, a selection of three perfumes, three nail polishes and three lip products that are perfect for spring. In the spirit of ‘what’s more spring-ish than flowers?’ I grabbed a bunch of flowers and incorporated them in the product pictures.

The Best Of My Product Photos

That’s for my prettiest product photos! You probably guessed it: I love photographing beautiful make up products.

I hope you liked these photos as much as I do!





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