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Review: NYX HD Eye Shadow Base

April 10, 2014

After having finished my all time favourite eyeshadow base (Urban Decay’s Primer Potion), it’s time for a new one. I’ve tried loads of eyeshadow bases, but they weren’t anything like the amazing Primer Potion. Let’s not lose hope, though! Maybe the NYX High Definition Eye Shadow Base turns out to be my new favourite?



Just putting it out there: finding a great eyeshadow base is extremely difficult. The consistency has to be right (not too sticky, not too thin, easily blendable) as well as the colour (not too yellow, not too white). And the effect is very important, too: the base should make your eyeshadows appear more vibrant, and make them last longer. And don’t forget about the packaging…


Packaging wise, I have no complaints at all. The tube looks clean, simple and sleek, and the applicator is very nice as well.

HD Eyeshadow Base NYX

The product itself has a pink/beige colour to it, which disappears when you blend the product into your skin. It does leave a shiny finish, but I’d say that’s barely noticeable.

HD Eyeshadow Base NYX-002

Here I’ve applied the eyeshadow base to my lid, and then I blended the product. The picture on the right shows you the result – although there isn’t much too see. NYX claims that this base evens out your skin tone, but I don’t notice any difference!

Just a little bit about the consistency: I like the texture of this eyeshadow base, as it’s not too silicony (is that a word?). The thickness is also nice, resulting in a blendable, creamy product that you only need a tiny bit of. One thing I noticed is that the product creates a very sticky layer on your eyelid, which makes it hard to apply eyeshadows evenly. I recommend letting it dry a minute or so, then your eyeshadows will go on smoothly!

HD Eyeshadow Base NYX-001

Now, on to the fun part: applying eyeshadow. On my right eye (left on the pictures) I started off by applying the NYX HD Eyeshadow Base, on my left eye I didn’t use any eyeshadow base at all. The two upper pictures show you what it looked like right after applying the eyeshadows. As you can see, applying the eyeshadow base makes quite a diffference – both the lighter and the darker eyeshadows on my left eye are less vibrant.

After at least six hours, I took the two pictures at the bottom. The difference between the two eyes has increased: the left eye looks horrible and the right eye looks way much better.

HD Eyeshadow Base NYX-003

The left picture shows you my eye a few seconds after applying the eyeshadow base and of course a whole bunch of eyeshadows. On the right picture you can see what it looks like after six hours. Unfortunately, the NYX eyeshadow base doesn’t make the eyeshadows last as long as the Urban Decay one does – it still looks fairly ok, though.


After trying out the NYX High Definition Eye Shadow base, what are my thoughts on this product? This eyeshadow base does a great job at intensifying your eyeshadows – although you have to wait a while after you’ve applied it to make the stickiness go away. Also, this product definitely lengthens the lasting time of the shadows.

To wrap things up: the NYX HD Eye Shadow Base is nowhere near as good as the Urban Decay Primer Potion, but it does cost you three times less.





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