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Review: MAC Pro Eyeshadow Palette

April 23, 2014

When I bought my first MAC lipstick, I knew that it wouldn’t take long until my next visit to the MAC counter. I thought long and hard about what my next purchase would be, and finally I decided on buying a quattro eyeshadow palette. Obviously my expectations were extremely high –  let’s find out if the MAC eyeshadows really are that amazing!


The reason behind my high expectations is of course the price…

Review: MAC Pro Eyeshadow Palette


Review: MAC Pro Eyeshadow Palette

This is what I purchased: an empty Pro Colour x 4 Compact Palette, plus four Pro Palette Refill Pans.

Review: MAC Pro Eyeshadow Palette

I’ve chosen four neutral shades, a bit boring but I wouldn’t want to buy bright in-your-face colours that I’d never wear! Here you can see which exact eyeshadows I bought:

Review: MAC Pro Eyeshadow Palette

From left to right:

  • All That Glitters (Veluxe Pearl finish): beige with golden shimmers and a hint of pink
  • Woodwinked (Veluxe Pearl finish): warm antique gold/bronze with golden shimmers
  • Cork (Satin finish): soft, light to medium brown with no shimmers
  • Espresso (Matte finish): matte dark brown (warmer shade than on the picture)

Review: MAC Pro Eyeshadow Palette

You can just pop the single eyeshadows in the holes in the Pro Palette, it’s very easy because of the magnetic bottom. If you want to, it’s also possible to get them out by pressing on the lower part of the palette – a bit hard to explain, but I’m sure that the make up artists at MAC would be happy to showit to you.

Review: MAC Pro Eyeshadow Palette

Here I’ve swatched the four eyeshadows on my arm, in the same order as the list above. To be completely honest with you: I expected a little bit more from the famous (and expensive!) MAC eyeshadows. The pigmentation is fine, but it’s not great. All four shades are buildable, so you can get the coverage you want – it’s not pigmentation level Urban Decay Naked Palette, though. Don’t get me wrong, overall I do like the texture of these eyeshadows! They are soft, very blendable and not crumbly (Cork a little bit).

Review: MAC Pro Eyeshadow Palette

This is a very quick – and a bit messy – I look I created, using all four shades: All That Glitters on the upper lid, Woodwinked on the outer half of the lid, Cork in the crease and Espresso in the outer V and on the lower lash line. These eyeshadows are a dream to work with, they blend seamlessly into each other! As they aren’t extremely pigmented, you have ultimate control – it’s totally up to you how intense you want them to be.

Review: MAC Pro Eyeshadow Palette

I’ve thought long and hard on what my final opinion on this MAC Pro Palette is. I – spoiled by the pigmented Urban Decay eyeshadows – was a little bit disappointed when I first swatched the MAC shadows, but when I applied them to my eye the low pigmentation actually turned out to be a good thing. The price is ridiculously high, but so is the quality. I can now understand why make up artist all around the world swear by the MAC eyeshadows!




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